We have finally started to get the interaction that we’ve been looking for from Twitter, and we’ve been able to reach new guests.
— Shannon McCarthy, Marketing and PR

One Month Study

Goal of SocialCentiv Campaign:

Improve Twitter followers and reach.

Challenge for taverna rossa:

With changes and updates to social media platforms, Taverna Rossa was noticing a decrease in reach and wanted to combat it.

Results using SocialCentiv:

  • Significant increase in:
    • Responses
    • Followers
    • Activity
  • Exposure to new guests
  • New guests tweeting about their experience

Why Shannon Would Recommend SocialCentiv

We have been able to improve our social media reach and have met a new marketing goal. Our followers on Twitter are continuing to grow. This is a fantastic program for anyone that wants to improve their Twitter interaction and reach.
— Shannon McCarthy