Having a social media presence is just that, a presence. Unless you know how to get the behaviors you want – new leads and customers in this case – your social media efforts will have limited value. The coupon incentive we ran for Party Galaxy on Twitter using SocialCentiv attracted the attention of a lot of potential new customers to PartyGalaxy.com and brought more people into the store. SocialCentiv is a key part of our Twitter-based marketing efforts for the company.
— Steven Newlon, CEO and founder, SYN3RGY Creative Group

One Month Study

Challenge for Syn3rgy Creative Group:

Discover ways to generate value out of Party Galaxy’s social media presence.


Increase brand awareness and gain more customers.

Results using SocialCentiv:

  • 1,520% increase in website traffic driven by social media
  • Tripled Twitter followers
  • More people engaging with the company through Retweets, visits to the company’s web site, online sales and in-store traffic at eight stores in the Oklahoma City, Okla., metropolitan area.

Why Syn3rgy Would Recommend SocialCentiv

We’ve seen how easy it is to help clients take advantage of SocialCentiv’s powerful mix of social listening and instant interaction to increase brand awareness and sales leads. They are a strong partner with a great solution that we’ll continue to use to help grow our clients’ businesses.
— Steven Newlon