SXSW3_ HipLogiqGÇÖs Unique Software Powers Social Marketing with Relevant Content to Track and Retain Customers


At SXSW Interactive, learn how brands are capturing new customers by delivering consistent valuable information to them online


WHAT:       Online buyers consistently surf past banners, buttons and other forms of advertising, but seek out information that makes them smarter buyers. Companies that offer great content on an ongoing basis can change and enhance consumer behavior—ultimately creating more loyal customers.


At SXSW, March 8-13, 2013, learn how Hiplogiq’sSocialCentivand SocialCompassweb-based social marketing software is connecting companies with highly-influential consumers through the conversations they are having on social networks. The sister software’s content marketing capabilities are allowing some of the most well-known brands to develop and publish eBooks, blogs, email newsletters and other valuable information to attract and retain customers and increase sales.


Content Marketing Examples and Results:

                Tweet: “I don’t know how to brew coffee. I have a Kuerig.”

Coffee company responds with offer: “Don’t know how?  Learn how to brew the best cup of coffee here [link to eBook].”


Tweet: “I wish I knew how to put on eye shadow without it looking like I have a black eye.”

Make-up company responds with offer: “Let us teach you how! Click here to download our tutorial: [link to eBook].”


SocialCompass eBook campaigns have an average conversion rate of 33 percent.


SocialCompass blog campaigns average 10,000 page views per month with some as high as 30,000 page views per month.


Test Drive New SocialCentiv Solution:  Social Marketing Made Easy for SMBs

Come test drive Hiplogiq’s new Social Centiv solution, the company’s social marketing software that makes it easy and cost effective for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to create and manage their own social marketing campaigns.


WHO:        Powering your Social Marketing with Relevant Content:  Hiplogiq CEO Bernie Perrine

“Even online, traditional marketing techniques like advertising, are less effective by the minute, as consumers ignore banners and buttons. To capture new customers through the power of social marketing, companies need to deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, who will reward them with their business and loyalty,” said Bernie Perrine, CEO, Hiplogiq.


At the SocialCentiv Booth #106, Perrine will offer social content marketing tips for companies including:

-          Understanding the Building Blocks of a Content Marketing Program

-          Ideas on Creating Content that Attracts Potential Buyers

-          Proving the Effectiveness of your Content Marketing Program


WHERE:     2013 SXSW® Interactive Festival, March 8-13, 2013, Austin, Texas

SocialCentiv Booth #106


ABOUT:     HipLogiq officially began in October 2012 as Social Compass, an                             enterprise solution for social media marketing. Co-founders Adam Root,                      Lindsey Madison and Bernard Perrine designed SocialCompass to help                      companies target and engage customers over social media in a meaningful,                         results-driven way. During the design of SocialCentiv, leadership decided it           was time to evolve the company into an idea factory that produces the most                 innovative, successful applications in their space in the market. As a result,                        HipLogiq launched in March 2013. SocialCompass and SocialCentiv work                      very similarly, but where SocialCompass provides an in-house, turnkey                        managed service for large brands, SocialCentiv is a web-based, do-it-                                yourself solution for small-to-medium businesses.


HipLogiq is backed by several individual investors, but the majority of funding comes from the Hadron Global Partners, a division of Carriage House Partners (CHP) and RLB Holdings. CHP, founded in 2009 by Anthony M. Lanza, and RLB, founded in 2011 by Ray and Lydia Bartoszek, are Connecticut-based private investment firms that focus on security, energy, technology, real estate, and sports and entertainment marketing. Both CHP and RLB take an active, hands-on approach with management in growing their portfolio companies and investments by developing, designing and implementing creative ideas and solutions on behalf of the investments and portfolio companies.


CONTACT:  To arrange an interview with HipLogiq and to learn more about HipLogiq’s solutions, please contact, Karen Carrera, TrizCom, karen@trizcom.com, @kjcarrera, 972.207.1935




CONTACT: Macy English, macy@hiplogiq.com, @macyenglish, 214.250.3562


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