Relevancy, Incentives Are Critical Ingredients to Engage Customers in the Social World

SXSW 4_ Relevancy, Incentives are Critical Ingredients to Engage Customers in the Social WorldRelevancy, incentives are critical ingredient to engage customers in the social world

At SXSW Interactive, learn 5 important factors for a success social campaign

WHAT:    Companies leave money on the table when they're not using every resource available to find new clients. But when you're a small-to-medium business (SMB) owner on a small budget who's being pulled in every direction, a social media strategy might seem daunting.

There are five simple things that can guide their efforts:

  1. Relevancy: Assemble a list of key words to help aid in their searches.
  2. Location: Make sure your clients are in the same geographic location(s) as your business.
  3. Immediate response: When you find someone, respond immediately or risk losing him or her.
  4. Incentives: A good offer will help reel customers in (hint: make sure you're tracking results so you know what incentives work).
  5. Recovery: Keep an eye on customer feedback sites (e.g. Yelp). When a negative comment posts, apologize directly on the site, promise to fix the issue and send an offer so they'll be tempted for another chance.

Test Drive New SocialCentiv, a powerful, do-it-yourself social marketing tool for SMBs

At SXSW Interactive, March 8-12, 2013, come test drive Hiplogiq's SocialCentiv, a web-based social marketing software to help SMBs discover, engage and access the influencers in their industry on Twitter.

WHO:    Engagement Tips to Power your Social Marketing: Hiplogiq CEO Bernie Perrine

"The effect of hundreds of millions of conversations happening on Twitter every day makes it a very challenging marketplace indeed. But the payoff is huge. Some big brands are struggling, even with their many resources. SocialCentiv makes it easier for smaller businesses to engage in the conversation as well. It gives them a way to hear what their customers are saying and follow up with an offer specific to the conversation," says Bernie Perrine, CEO, HipLogiq.

WHERE:    2013 SXSW Interactive Festival, March 8-13, 2013, Austin, Texas, SocialCentiv Booth #106

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ABOUT:    HipLogiq officially began in October 2012 as SocialCompass, an enterprise solution for social media marketing. Co-founders Adam Root, Lindsey Madison and Bernard Perrine designed SocialCompass to help companies target and engage customers over social media in a meaningful, results-driven way. During the design of SocialCentiv, leadership decided it was time to evolve the company into an idea factory that produces the most innovative, successful applications in their space in the market. As a result, HipLogiq launched in March 2013. SocialCompass and SocialCentiv work very similarly, but where SocialCompass provides an in-house, turnkey managed service for large brands, SocialCentiv is a web-based, do-it- yourself solution for small-to-medium businesses.

HipLogiq is backed by several individual investors, but the majority of funding comes from the Hadron Global Partners, a division of Carriage House Partners (CHP) and RLB HoldingsCHP, founded in 2009 by Anthony M. Lanza, and RLB, founded in 2011 by Ray and Lydia Bartoszek, are Connecticut-based private investment firms that focus on security, energy, technology, real estate, and sports and entertainment marketing. Both CHP and RLB take an active, hands-on approach with management in growing their portfolio companies and investments by developing, designing and implementing creative ideas and solutions on behalf of the investments and portfolio companies.

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