How a Social Media App Gets Smarter: HipLogiq Leads the Way


At SXSW Interactive, See How a Pioneering Company’s Patented Software and Machine Learning Help Companies Mine Twitter for Prospects

WHAT: Using Machine Learning to Provide ROI in Social Media

What machine learning is, and what it can do for your business The limits of machine learning and where humans must still intervene The future of smart machines: Where machine learning is going

WHO: Adam Root, CTO/Co-Founder of HipLogiq, will show how machine learning has made HipLogiq a leader in social media marketing. “We’re trying to find a handful of possible customers who are most likely to convert to buyers. We incentivize them to share, so we get more customers. That’s the whole purpose – how to find in the mass universe of tweets the few lucky ones that will convert.”

WHEN: Sunday – Wednesday, March 9-12, 2014

WHERE: 2014 SXSW® Interactive Festival, Austin, Texas; HipLogiq Booth #534; HipLogiq’s SXSW press room

DETAILS: Machines don’t have human intelligence, but they can mimic it. One way hardware and software systems can mimic humans is by learning without being explicitly programmed – the emerging field called machine learning. Internet companies like the radio service Pandora, movie provider Netflix and retailer use machine learning to give customers timely, relevant offers. So too does HipLogiq, a Dallas company whose software parses millions of tweets to find the most relevant tweets for companies to reply to with promotional offers for free or discounted products and services.

At SXSW, learn how HipLogiq’s “Joshua” software engine automatically enhances with practice its ability to find the optimal person to give, say, an offer of 50 percent off a Papa John’s pizza or a free cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Though it starts with human help, Joshua learns with time what tweets are relevant (“I’m hungry for pizza”) and which ones aren’t (“I’m hungry for knowledge”).

Many social media marketers use a volume mentality. They cast wide nets, trying to get large numbers of followers and “likes,” and then convert a small percentage of that group into buyers. HipLogiq’s Joshua engine does the opposite by finding motivated, ready buyers, and then growing that pool by helping persuade new customers to tell their friends about the products and services they’ve purchased.

ABOUT: HipLogiq began in 2008 as Social Compass, an enterprise solution for social media marketing. Co-founders Lindsey Madison, Adam Root and Bernard Perrine designed the patented technology to help companies target and engage customers over social media in a meaningful, results-driven way. Since then the company has broadened its SocialCompass offering with a white label solution for enterprises and  agencies that want to brand the tool. To date, the application boasts an unprecedented average conversion rate of 34 percent or higher.

Hiplogiq introduced SocialCentiv for small businesses in March 2013. The software works similarly to SocialCompass but is a web-based, do-it-yourself solution. During the design of SocialCentiv, leadership decided it was time to evolve the company into an idea factory that produces the most innovative, successful applications in its market space. As a result, the company rebranded as HipLogiq in March 2013 and has received $12M in two rounds of funding since May 2013. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

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