3 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

3 ways to get more followers on twitter - SocialCentivThe idea of starting a new Twitter account--especially when using it for business--can be a daunting one. The first thing most will focus on is reaching out to others blindly about their business in order to try and gain awareness, but the fact remains that the public may be skeptical of a new Twitter account with little-to-no following, and choose to ignore the outreach. In reality, the first step you will want to take when trying to use Twitter for business is gaining followers to build credibility. But how do you get Twitter followers?

There are several ways you can do this, but it’s suggested to build followers in an organic manner, rather than using follow tools that gain a large amount of Twitter followers in a small amount of time. Keep in mind that you want these followers to be genuine; it doesn’t make sense to pay for 1,000+ Twitter followers who don’t engage with or use your brand when you’re on Twitter specifically for Twitter marketing. Luckily, there are many ways to grow your Twitter fan base as a business, and we’ve picked the top three.

Use Hashtags

For some of you, this may seem like a no-brainer. but for others, it can be confusing to see users using the pound sign (#) along with various words & phrases. Questions can come up like how many hashtags are acceptable in a tweet? What hashtags work for my business? Why do I want to use a hashtag? Tech for Luddites gives a great overview on what a hashtag is and why you should be using it for businesses, but the focus for our purposes is that a hashtag or two will help you to find relevant followers. Not sure what hashtags are relevant for your business? Hashtagify.me is a great tool for finding relevant hashtags based on any keyword searched.

Engage with Others

You can tweet about yourself and your company all day long, but unless you have some genius, eye-grabbing content, it’s not likely to stick with the masses. Twitter may be a me-me-me environment for consumers, but businesses should instead consider this platform to be a you-me-us environment. Connect with and engage with consumers speaking about matter relevant to your business. Are they hungry? Tell them how great your company’s food is and why they should give it a try. Respond to what they’re saying and engage with them in a genuine manner (i.e. using their name and mentioning something they said). This helps to give a business a personal touch to an otherwise generic approach.

Give Twitter-Exclusive Discounts or Promotions

When it comes down to it, why should someone follow your brand’s Twitter account? If you’re looking to get followers on Twitter, keep this fact in mind: 94% of people say they will follow a brand for discounts or promos. Give a little and get a lot back in return. If users know that your business gives Twitter-exclusive deals out, they’re more likely to not only follow you themselves, but to tell their friends to do the same so they don’t miss out, either.

The best part is, there’s a convenient way to incorporate all three of these tactics to gain Twitter traffic, while also growing your business: SocialCentiv. This Twitter marketing platform allows a business to find Twitter users in a specific location talking about keywords relevant to their product, service, or brand, and allows them to respond back with a special offer, such as a coupon code. In fact, we've had clients triple their Twitter follower numbers through using our services, all while gaining new customers.

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