4 Tips to Make Outstanding Graphics

4 Tips to Make Outstanding Graphics - SocialCentivBusinesses consider a lot of different tools and tactics to amplify their marketing, but graphic design isn't often thought of as a marketing tactic. However, having great, unique visuals can help set your brand apart from the competition. Use these four tips to better your graphic skills and make your brand's content visually appealing.

Tip 1: Make it Original

When using any stock images, Canva or other resources that help you create images, make sure they are given attention. Don’t just use a generic stock image as your blog graphic, social media post, instagram image, etc. Styling images helps your brand to stand out and gives each image a unique, personal touch.

Tip 2: Mix Up Fonts

Don’t be afraid of the fonts in your toolbar. Mixing a traditional font with a modern font can bring some interest. Try to mix two together and never go over three different fonts. If you start mixing too many your image will be overwhelming. You can find a ton of free fonts to use in your designs from Google fonts to the league of moveable type. These sites have great typefaces that you can use for free.

Google Fonts Example



Fonts for Graphics Example


Tip 3: Use an Online Resource to Find New Color Pallettes

Using the same brand standard colors all the time makes your palette boring. Mixing it up but keeping with a style will make each blog pop in its own way. A few good resources for finding colors is Colour Lovers and Color Hex. Sites like these will provide you color palettes from people in the community. Selecting these colors with the eyedropper tool will give you a new color palette to work with. Mix up different palettes and don’t be afraid of color.

Colour Lovers Beautiful Summer


Colour Lovers Walk the Gardens


Tip 4: Stick with One Style

If your brand is simplistic and clean don’t use images that are western and dirty. Keeping with one consistent style will make sure that anything else you change will still seem cohesive. Your style should represent your brand and what type of company you are.