5 Digital Must-Haves for Marketing Strategies

5 Digital Must-Haves for Marketing - SocialCentivIt’s an exciting time to be involved in advertising and marketing. With technological innovations coming out each day, and with Internet and social media platforms making it easier than ever to engage with audiences, marketing ideas are endless. It can be hard to focus on your core digital marketing strategy when there are several marketing ideas out there to begin with.

With many online advertising avenues to choose from, it’s important to have your basics down. There are quite a few marketing tactics that are truly necessary in this day and age, but we’ve broken it down to the five core must-haves.

Must-Have #1: Branded Content

Branded content is nothing new for advertising strategies, but it can often be placed on the back-burner for other projects when it comes to online advertising. However, this is a digital must-have that shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to a corporate strategy.

Branded content gives consumers valuable, interesting and informative information over the typical marketing message displayed in other advertising forms. It puts the consumer first and allows the business to digitally communicate, rather than just sell.

Must-Have #2: Blogs

With how simple it is to add a page to a website and host various blog posts, the question here should really be why aren’t you already implementing blogs in your marketing tactics? Blogs allow a business to not only update consumers on important events and big changes, but they also give the customer another way to stay connected to the brand. You can answer FAQ’s, talk about matters pertaining to your business at length, and inform your consumers of big news—all online.

Must-Have #3: Twitter Marketing

We can’t leave out the most important and easy-to-accomplish marketing strategy out there: social media platforms. Specifically, Twitter allows businesses to connect with consumers in real-time from behind a computer or phone screen. The 140-character platform hosts users of all ages all over the world tweeting about what’s on their minds at that very moment; in other words, it’s the perfect marketing platform for most businesses.

Mastering Twitter marketing doesn’t have to be hard, either. Our software platform utilizes geo-targeting & keywords to find relevant conversations near your business’ location. You can then respond to these conversations with a special offer. How easy is that?!

Must-Have #4: Digital Advertising

Again, with the continuously genius innovations being deployed each week, the options for digital advertising are quite amazing. For example, Chevy rolled out a brilliant marketing stunt recently by purchasing print ads to show off digital videos.

From paid ads on Facebook and Google to banners above websites and everything in between, there are countless ways to digitally get your business name out there, and this is a must for moving a company forward these days.

Must-Have #5: Responsive Website

Mobile use has been continuously exceeding PC Internet usage since early 2014. More users are turning to their smartphones and tablets when it comes to browsing the Internet rather than pulling out their laptops or sitting down in front of a monitor.

What does this mean for one’s business marketing strategy? Your website needs to be responsive. Your site should be able to fit any and every size screen possible. Not having this ability will deter from customers staying on your website due to the inability to navigate easily.

There you have it: 5 must-haves to rock at digital marketing. Have questions or have your own ideas of what tools are necessary these days for marketing strategies? Tweet to me @dashofsarah and let me know!