5 Tips for Creative Branded Content

5 Tips for Creative Branded Content - SocialCentivIn the business advertising world, the heart of marketing for a business comes down to one’s content strategy and how they are entwining said content into their consumer marketing tactics. Whether the end goal is to increase sales, promote public brand awareness, or showcase new case-study stats, branded content can go a long ways in making the marketing process for a business seamless and successful.

Here are some helpful tips in creating both engaging and creative branded content for a company’s brand:

#1 - Talk about what’s going on.

The beauty about social media is that a company can reach out to consumers in real-time about what’s going on right now. Because of this, it’s important for a business to be relevant, and talk about what’s trending. Hashtags make this easy to do on several social platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Instead of focusing on a “me, me, me” content strategy, let social conversation lead.

Think like your customers and they will talk like your brand. - Sarah Beacom, SocialCentiv#2 - Think like the consumer.

Often times we as business marketers are so focused on getting our message across to the consumer that we often forget that they’re people, and should be engaged with rather than shouted to. Instead of pushing ads at them constantly, think about what you would like to see if you were that customers--what would be a selling point for you? What would give that ‘wow’ factor? Think like your customers and they will talk like your brand. If your customers can relate and engage with your branded content, they’ll do the talking and the selling for you.

#3 - Be the expert.

The best way to have your content shared is by being the expert in your field. Sure, you can tell customers that you’re the expert until your face is blue, but rather than wasting time doing that, you can easily show that you’re the expert through your voice. Watch your tone when you speak. Be informative and authoritative on the information you give regarding your field. Skip fluff and nonsense when it comes to branded content, as this it the time to show why your company is the best at what it does.

#4 - Be constant and consistent.

Don’t just throw up a blog post or post on social media now and then sporadically. Have a strategy and game plan and stick to it. If you publish a blog every Monday, your loyal consumers will begin to expect that, and will know when and where to turn for new information. This also ties in with watching your voice when it comes to content. It’s important to know your voice as a brand, and to keep that voice throughout the continuous content. If you’re cheeky and fun on platform, be the same way amongst all platforms. If you’re more serious, make sure that’s conveyed across all your content strategies.

#5 - Think Outside the Box.

Publishing updates and creating blog posts are some of the most-common and highly-used ways to create branded content for the public. But why stop there? Utilize other marketing tactics such as social listening as a content strategy opportunity. Services like SocialCentiv can help you hear what potential consumers are saying and reach back out to them. Furthermore, it can show your general audience that you’re willing to go above and beyond to reach out and respond to customers in real-time.

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