8 Cool Things Twitter Can Do

8 Cool Things Twitter Can Do


You know that Twitter helps news travel even quicker and connects fandoms, and by now you know it’s great for marketing online too! However, that’s not where the power of Twitter stops. Here are 8 more super-cool things Twitter can do that you probably didn't know about:


1. Remind You of What's Important

With sites like Remember the Milk, you can set reminders and have the site send you a Direct Message (that's a private Tweet, essentially, for you newbies) whenever you have to remember something important. Bet you didn’t know Twitter could help you stay on top of your schedule!

2. Help You Achieve Your Personal Goals

If you're trying to lose weight/gain good health or quit smoking, Twitter is here to help: Tweet What You Eat encourages you to Tweet your meals so you can more easily monitor the calories and nutritional value of your food intake. There’s more- Qwitter asks you to post every time you smoke, so you're help accountable for your actions. There’s nothing like your virtual community to keep you in check!

3. Make You a Better Home-Body

If you've ever aspired to have a “green thumb” but found that you just weren't very good at remembering when to water your plants, Twitter can help with that, too. Thanks to the Internet of Things, plants are now able to tweet you when they need to be watered, and toasters can tweet you when your toast is done. There will be no more dead or burnt things in your household.


4. Become a Real-Life Advertisement

If you're a small business owner and you want to advertise a special you're running and your Twitter presence at the same time, don't worry: You can just print your post on a Tweet-shirt and kill two “birds” with one stone- social media and guerilla marketing all at once.


5. Monitor Your Stats

The small business owners out there know that the amount of followers and Clout score they have on Twitter can directly correlate to an increase in sales. Luckily, keeping track of this does not have to be a big task. Monitor where you “rank” on Twitter and predict how many more users will follow you by the end of the month on Twitter Counter.


6. Find out Who Your Friends Really Are

That high number of followers might trick you into thinking you have just as many loyal customers, but not everything is how it seems: Some of your followers could be “bots,” or fake Twitter accounts. Weed through the spammers and find out who really matters with www.StopTweet.com.


7. Silence the Drama

If you're tired of being bombarded with people's political opinions or Sad Susan who has been complaining about her break up for 6 months, but don't want to limit your Twitter time, hit the mute button on certain keywords and get back to the good stuff with Muuter.


8. Find Pre-Qualified Customers

With SocialCentiv, you're able to find and reach out to potential customers and reach out to them by tracking keywords related to your services and choosing the area where your business is in which to find Tweets. It’s the perfect way to drive more people to your growing business!

There you have it, folks. Twitter can do (basically) anything. Want to learn a little bit more about finding potential customers via Twitter? Visit our website at www.SocialCentiv.com.

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