Advertising Your Social Media Presence: You’re Doing It Wrong

Advertising Your Social Media Presence- You’re Doing It Wrong

Our summer interns went on a timed scavenger hunt in downtown Dallas this summer, and one of our tasks was to find ten advertisements for social media—billboards or fliers that directed their viewers to “like” a business on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. My coworkers and I felt confident that we could find these advertisements without even looking for them. However, with only thirty minutes left on the clock, we found ourselves scrambling to meet our quota. At the end of the day, we had only discovered four social media advertisements.

Most businesses understand that a professional marketing strategy is essential to increasing sales, but, while more and more of those marketing campaigns are including social media, it seems that advertisements for their social media presence was lacking. In addition to adding plug-ins on your website or including keywords in your status updates and Tweets, you should also be reminding your customers, in their everyday lives, of your social media presence. Here's why: 

100 no's to yield one yes

There is a theory in sales that estimates every 100 times your product is rejected, you will receive one sale. If you are working with the various social media channels to promote your product, then you know that your friends and followers are more likely to purchase your services because of the connection they feel with your brand—72% more likely to be exact. That being said, if you’re not promoting your social media presence in every way you can, then you may be missing out on new sales opportunities.

Even if prospective customers aren’t prompted by your billboard or flier to whip out their phones and “like” or follow right then, you are still reminding them that you’re doing cool things on social media. So, that way, the next time they’re on your website or blog, and they see—again—that you’re on social media, they are more likely to engage with you, and, thus, are more likely to purchase your services in the future.

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