Announcing the New & Improved SocialCentiv

Announcing SocialCentiv 2.0

Cue the drum roll, please! We are eager to announce the new and improved SocialCentiv! Our team has been burning the midnight oil to develop a better product to help small business owners to find new customers with Twitter. In this product update, users will benefit from the following features:

Simpler campaign setup

The latest version of the SocialCentiv software features a simplified setup process that makes it easier than ever for small business owners to get started. Complete these four simple steps and begin engaging with nearby customers in real time:

  1. Step one- Authorize the Twitter account you will be using to share your offer, and create your company profile
  2. Step two- Customize the landing page with offer details and branding options
  3. Step three- Create the email that will deliver your offer to prospects
  4. Step four- Finalize your offer and start turning conversations into customers

Keyword intelligence

Our keyword insights specialists (or “keyword ninjas” as we like to call ‘em around the office) ransacked the Twittersphere and identified the most popular keywords and key phrases being used across the nation per industry. These keywords work hand in hand with our proprietary machine learning methodology to make it easier than ever for users to find new customers on Twitter.

Machine learning

Machines don’t have human intelligence, but they sure can mimic it. Machine learning is one-way hardware and software systems can mimic humans by simply learning without being explicitly programmed. SocialCentiv's patented software learns from the user. As users reply to flagged conversations, the software learns to prioritize the most relevant Tweets so the business owner spends less time filtering conversations and more time talking with prospective customers. Machine learning FTW!

To learn more about SocialCentiv and to sign up for a free trial, visit our website at Our easy-to-use web platform makes finding new customers easy on Twitter.


This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.