Beginner's Guide to Facebook Pages

Beginner's Guide to Facebook Pages

Thinking about starting a Facebook page for your small business? Read this short and sweet overview of the terms you need to know before doing so.


Admins are people who create and manage activity in groups. People are automatically an admin of any pages they create. All page admins can edit the group description, tags, and settings. Also, admins have access to add additional admins to the Facebook page as well as remove posts from their wall.


A Facebook Badge is a personalized “badge”, usually an image, which brands and users can display on their websites and/or blogs.


Facebook’s engagement rate is the percentage of people who liked, shared, clicked, or commented on a post.

Graph Search

Launched in the summer of 2013, Facebook’s Graph Search allows users to search for the people, places, and things they are looking for, but with a twist. Unlike other search engines, Graph Search showcases your search results based on what your friends’ have shared with the social network.

Organic Reach

Organic reach refers to the number of people who saw any non-promoted activity made by your fan page including posts, posts by other people, mentions, and check-ins to your business location.

Paid Reach

Paid reach refers to the number of people who saw any form of promoted activity made by your fan page including Page like advertisements and promoted posts.

People talking about this

The “people talking about this” is a metric that includes the total amount of unique (individual) people who created a story of any kind that relates to your page. The story may either include a reference to your page or a post made on your page.


Facebook’s subscribe feature allows Facebook users to receive updates each time a business or person updates their status, even if their not following them.


A Facebook timeline shows the updates and activities of a particular user (or business) in reverse chronological order. Viewers have the opportunity to view a user’s cover image, stories, apps, and more. Also, users can choose which stories to highlight as important events, as well as control who sees your stuff.


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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.