Facebook Vs. Twitter: Which Should Your Company Be Using?

Facebook VS Twitter Centiv


Facebook and Twitter are at war with one another! (Or, at least, that's how people make it seem like.) We're constantly comparing statistics in order to determine which is better. Facebook has 1.3 billion month users, 655 million more than Twitter, but Twitter is gaining users at the unthinkable rate of 135,000 a month. The average Facebook user logs on to talk to their friends and family, while the average Twitter user logs on to engage with different networks. We've decided to jump on the band-wagon and help everyone figure this out which platform is right for them.


If you have a lot of friends on your personal Facebook, you can earn a lot of “likes” by just by asking those friends for them. Another advantage of Facebook is the visual aspect. People respond well to posts with pictures and, on Facebook, those pictures appear automatically without the additional step of clicking a link. The final advantage of Facebook is its visibility. When someone “likes” a post, that post automatically shows up on the Liker’s friends’ feeds, whereas with Twitter, favorites aren't always visible by the followers of the favoriter.


If your product fits well into a specific niche, Twitter has several networks for you to engage with. You can engage with people directly, whereas that kind of interaction on Facebook from a business would seem invasive because of Facebook's private nature. Twitter is naturally a much more public forum. You can send several messages to your followers quickly within the 140-character limit without worrying about boring them. You can search for keywords or hashtags and find followers Tweeting about your products/services, making it that much easier to market to them.


Now that both sites have hashtags, you can use them in your posts to ensure that a larger audience will see them. You can tag or mention someone specific in your posts to call attention to someone directly. Both sites have awesome mobile apps that make posts on-the-fly that much easier.

The answer, at the end of the day, is that you should really be using both of these platforms. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses, and there’s no social media police that restricts your channel-usage down to just one. Use this to your advantage by posting content that is just right for the platform you are using and utilizes its strengths.

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