Five Ways Reputation Management Can Enhance Your Business

online reputation management

Online reputation management has a variety of advantages for businesses. It is crucial as a business owner to understand that positive customer experiences directly correlate to their willingness to join the brand, product or service. Reputation management allows customers to feel that the brand is loyal to them as a consumer, and gives potential customers the chance to determine if they think the brand is reputable.

There are many social media platforms that are important in regards to monitoring one's online reputation. Common social media platforms include:

- Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and others

- Blogs that are started and managed

- Review sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp

- Online forums in all categories

- FAQ, Q&A, and Yahoo Answers sites

Managing these platforms effectively establishes a conversation between the brand and the consumer. These conversations build trust and confidence in the brand among potential clients through the positive accounts of existing customers. Here are five great ways that reputation management can enhance your business:

1. Customer satisfaction is improved by gaining feedback about the pros and cons of products and services
2. By creating opportunities to discuss and listen with consumers, you will increase positive feedback regarding your brand or product
3. Boost more effective public relations by knowing who the real influencers are
4. Develop creative marketing strategies for reaching out to potential clients, which will give you the chance to tailor marketing strategies to personalize the consumer experience
5. Internal costs can be minimized by employing services that save money, effort and time


Reputation management has a variety of positive advantages for your business if done correctly. To learn more about the benefits of reputation management, contact SocialCentiv. SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing tool that allows small businesses to monitor real-time social media conversations.

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.