Five Ways SocialCentiv Can Enhance Your Social Marketing Campaign

five ways socialcentiv can enhance your social marketing campaign

Looking for ways to improve your social media marketing game? Halt the search party because SocialCentiv is here to help. SocialCentiv is a web-based, do-it-yourself social marketing software that allows small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to engage with customers 1-on-1 across social networks. If you’re an SMB owner interested in enhancing your social strategy, review the following five ways our Twitter marketing software can help.

1. Relevancy

Assemble a list of keyword phrases to help aid customers in their searches for your business. For example ‘want a slice of pizza.’


2. Location

Search multiple geographic locations near your business to make sure you are capturing every new customer opportunity.

3. Immediate response

When you find someone, respond immediately with a unique reply or risk losing him or her to your competitors.


4. Incentives

An offer will help reel customers in. The top-performing offer on both HipLogiq applications (SocialCentiv and SocialCompass) is a 20 percent discount.

Tip: Make sure you’re tracking results so you know what incentives work. For example, HipLogiq’s software tracks how many offers were downloaded – making it easy for the client to track results.

5. Recovery

Keep an eye on customer feedback sites (e.g. Yahoo or Yelp). When a negative comment posts, apologize directly on the site, promise to fix the issue and send an offer where appropriate so they’ll be tempted for another chance to buy your product or service.

So, why should you use SocialCentiv instead of searching on Twitter? SocialCentiv helps small businesses make the match between relevant conversations and good prospects based on relevant key words, location and time of day. Once the patented software flags the tweet, the business owner sends them a personal offer developed just for that customer. With the use of a more automated system, small business can quickly find quality leads, make them an offer, and follow up with an incentive for those who share the offer with other qualified leads.

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.