Five Ways to Rock at Customer Engagement on Twitter

5 Ways to Rock at Customer Engagement on Twitter - SocialCentivThere’s no question about the effectiveness that social media has on marketing for businesses. However, there’s an art to engaging with the right consumers on Twitter without coming across too much like a dry, pushy advertisement with each interaction. Try out these five ways to improve customer engagement in order to build customer relationships.

1. Entertain and Educate

You can tweet and tweet about how great your company’s product or service is, but the best way to gain interaction and customer engagement on Twitter is not through boasting how great you are, but instead by focusing on conversation. Let your product speak for itself; use Twitter to speak to customers instead.

Entertain them with fun facts and trivia that relate to your company. Sharing useful information and funny tid-bits will be more likely to gain interactions and engagement from consumers.

2. Be Visual

Did you know? According to Buffer, tweets with images receive 89% more favorites and 18% more clicks than those with no images. With Twitter’s addition of multiple images to tweets, there’s no reason to not add an image or two to your tweet. In fact, in a study completed by Twitter in 2014, Twitter found that tweets with a photo URL were more likely to get retweeted, with an average 35% boost in retweets.

3. Engage Actively

Speaking of retweets, engaging actively from your own account is one of the best ways to incite customer engagement organically. This is one of the reason that SocialCentiv’s software allows both a Retweet and Favorite feature in your tweet stream, so that you can actively engage with keyword-targeted tweets through your account and respond with a special offer all within the same application.

Engage by responding to what users are saying. You can respond to users easily through SocialCentiv, which pulls in tweets based on targeted locations and keywords. This is just one of many customer engagement strategies to boost customer response and engagement, but it’s a very effective one.

4. Be Relatable and Relevant

The biggest way to be ignored and overlooked on Twitter is by being boring. Instead, focus on being relatable by having a personality (or a specific persona, if you will) to your tweets. Mix this with tweeting about what’s trending in your area, and you’re golden. Southwest Airlines’ Twitter account is a prime example of using both personality and relativity to drive engagement. They focus on tweeting about what’s going on and trending with a bit of an edge.

Be sure to respond to everyone that mentions your business--that’s right, everyone. If they’re taking the time to @mention you, you should take the time to respond back to their concerns, questions, or praise.

5. Take Advantage of Twitter-Exclusive Resources 

Twitter has great resources in order to build those customer relationships and create customer conversations. Engage current customers (and new ones) through hashtags (to find relevant conversations or partake in a digital tweet-up). Become a resource to the Twitter community by answering questions in these chats, as well. You can also use Twitter lists to divide your followers into different categories in order to engage with different niche audiences. This can be helpful if you’re a large department store looking to engage with DIYers on a Monday and fashionistas on a Tuesday.

Above all, being active on Twitter and engaging your community on a daily basis is the most important thing you can do. SocialCentiv can work for your business as a customer engagement platform to reach out to potential customer and create genuine, relevant conversations.

Any Twitter customer engagements must-haves that I’m missing? Tweet me @dashofsarah and let me know!