Genius Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Genius Ways to Increase Twitter FollowersMarketing on Twitter starts with the basic fundamentals: having a Twitter account, understanding hashtags and @mentions, and learning/knowing your brand’s voice. However, one of the important things users will look at when determining whether or not to engage with your brand is how many Twitter followers you have and engage with on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to increase Twitter followers, it’s important to realize that while yes, you can purchase followers from different providers, this doesn’t ensure that you’re gaining genuine, active Twitter followers who are interested in your business, product, or service.

Instead, try one of these four Twitter tactics that several brands have harnessed in order to generate both increased engagement and free followers who are actually interested in your business.

Have Personality

One of the joys of interacting with consumers on social media is that your brand can be less formal and stuffy, and instead speak in a more conversational tone with users.

Taco Bell continuously gives great examples of how to have personality on Twitter, from their tweets eluding to movie quotes (like this one from The Notebook):

… to their responses to those who @mention their Twitter handle:

They even engaged in some great brand-on-brand action with Netflix:

Arby’s gives another great example of this while simultaneously hijacking Twitter conversation about the Grammy’s with their jab at music artist Pharrell’s choice of hat wear:

Respond to Everyone

Twitter is a great way to respond to consumers in real-time and provide minute-to-minute customer service. Doing this can also grow your Twitter follower numbers. Dunkin Donuts shows that there’s no need to only respond to negative tweets; take advantage of the praise tweets, too!

Dunkin Donuts Tweet Responses - Get More Twitter Followers

Olive Garden also gives great examples of responding to everyone on Twitter in real-time, even if it’s as simple as a heart emoji:

Olive Garden Tweet Responses - Get More Twitter Followers

Talk About What’s Trending

As events come around, consumers flock to Twitter to talk about the events and discuss what’s happening in real time. The parody Twitter accounts that were created as Sochi 2014 Olympics approached was a great example of the need for reputation management during these large-scale events. Clorox provided a great example of event-hijacking with their response to a user’s picture about double toilets in a single bathroom:

But the event does not have to be at an olympic level to garner the attention and Twitter following that you’re seeking. DiGiornio proved this with their live-tweeting during The Sound of Music a few years back:

Take Advantage of Social Listening Tools

One of the biggest Twitter tips we can give for getting real Twitter followers is taking advantage of social listening tools and responding to what potential consumers are saying in real time. For example, SocialCentiv helped Medieval Times gain 1225 new Twitter followers in an 11-week period through responding to tweets in the Twitter marketing software.

SocialCentiv Medieval Times Case Study

With a little creativity and by implementing Twitter tactics, it is possible to gain more Twitter followers in an organic way, and these are likely to be no drop Twitter followers--meaning that they’re active and genuinely interested in your brand at some level.

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