The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Review of Social Media Strategies

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- A Review of Social Media Strategies

It’s true. We’ve seen a lot of social media strategies and we have to admit, they’re not all the best. But, how do you know if your social media strategy is a boom or a bust? Here are some examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good

Small businesses can leverage social networks to tap into the minds of Millennials and influence their buying behaviors. Rather than simply updating your business’ Facebook status with hopes of a surge of customers coming into your business, small business owners are encouraged to take a more proactive approach. By proactively listening to what their online communities are talking about online, businesses can engage in these conversations and share special offers with the customers they want in real time. Once a business understands what their customers are talking about, they can begin to fulfill their needs.

The Bad

Buying “likes” isn’t shown to generate business.  First of all, the “likes” you are buying are not people that are interested or like your product.  They are letting you use a name to promote a business that they may not even know about.  A much better way to spend your time and energy is by getting real people to like your product or service.

The Ugly

Some of the “ugliest” social media mishaps we’ve noticed recently include the hashtag-overloaded updates. Limit the use of hashtags when posting status updates to keep the attention on the message, rather than the excessive (and often unrelated) use of multiple hashtags. We suggest using no more than two to three hashtags per update. If you’re using them correctly, that’s all you should need to properly classify your post.


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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.