Hashtag Halloween: Combining Twitter and Halloween to Help Your Small Business

socialcentiv halloween

Something wicked this way comes: Halloween is creeping up on us! Here’s yet another reason why we love Twitter: it gives you another avenue to celebrate holidays, like Halloween! This popular holiday is a great way to get your followers to engage with you on Twitter, an interaction which makes social media success and sales increases exponentially more likely. It’s also fun! Consider the following Halloween-themed hashtag campaign ideas in order to increase traffic to your small business:


Halloween Costume Contest

One of the reasons people love Halloween so much is that its one night a year that they get to play dress-up, no matter their age. You won't have to twist anyone's arm to convince them to send you pictures of themselves in their Halloween costumes (even if it's not technically Halloween yet). Create a hashtag that incorporates your company name or the name of your special with “Costume Contest.” (Remember, you want your hashtag to be short and sweet, but you also want to promoteyour brand, so make sure the campaign can be closely connected with your company. Example, #SocialCentivCostumeContest.) If you'd like, you can request that people send in age-appropriate pictures, so that you're not affiliating yourself with unprofessional content. Choose a winner by a certain date and reward them with a free product/session or access to an exclusive coupon.


Face-Paint Contest

Although face-painting is a great way to amplify a costume, there are plenty of people out there who forgo traditional costumes altogether and focus mainly on channeling their cosmetic expertise. You can run a similar campaign to the Halloween Costume Contest, but be sure to differentiate it in your hashtag (example, #SocialCentivFacePaintContest). Reward the most expertly-painted face the same way you would a costume contest winner.


Halloween-Themed Baking Contest

Thanks to popular cooking shows and the almighty powers of Pinterest, people across the country are trying their hand at the craft of culinary. They're not just baking to please the taste buds, however; they're also creating aesthetically appealing masterpieces. Ask your Followers to send you photos of their best-baked goods, using your unique, brand-related hashtag, and reward the winner.


Very Short Scary Stories

There is an entire niche on Twitter just for people who enjoy writing #vss (“very short stories”). During the month of October, even more people are trying to cram spooky tales into 140-character tweets. Encourage your Followers' creativity by challenging them to write a very short scary story and include your hashtag. (For this contest, it's especially important that you choose a hashtag name with as few characters as possible.) Choose a winner and reward them.

For more tips on how to find potential customers, visit our website at www.SocialCentiv.com. Happy Halloween!