SocialCentiv Happenings: Meet Baby Maisie

Here's a peek at what's been happening around the office lately!


Sometimes we like to have fun around the office, and we’re always up for a little friendly wager on things. Our latest betting game? Guessing the date, time, weight and height of our latest bundle of joy to join the SocialCentiv Jr. club, of course!

Last month we anxiously awaited the arrival of baby Griffin. As each day passed, our team hoped that the baby would arrive on his or her prediction day (we’re a pretty competitive bunch, even when there isn’t a prize). In the end, we had one very clear winner: Clara!


Clara not only predicted the correct date, but she guesstimated baby Madison's weight right on the dot! She came within .2 inches of her height, as well. If we didn't know any better, we would think she may have discovered her hidden talent: predicting baby stats!

Madison ("Maisie") Griffin was born on October 20th at 7:19am. We wish the Griffins the best with their new little coder!



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