How LinkedIn Can Help an Expanding Small Business Find Quality Employees

how linkedin can help an expanding business find quality employees-socialcentiv

Finding employees can be difficult, but finding quality employees can seem impossible at times. Finding employees that are qualified is essential for every business, because employees are a reflection of the company. If the high cost associated with finding new employees has driven you to find other methods of finding employees, LinkedIn might be your best choice. It’s inexpensive, easy, and valuable.

How to get started:

Create a company page, if you haven’t already, that acts as a one-page Web site for your business. Write a description of your business and place it in the company overview part. Once you have made your company page, you can start looking for potential employees.

How to find potential applicants:

Use the advanced search feature to find people with the specific skills that your company is looking for. When you identify potential new employees, look over their profiles to make sure they have the right education and work experience that is needed to fill your position. LinkedIn also has a tool called SlideShare, which lets companies view documents and presentations that have been prepared by the LinkedIn members. You can also post your job openings on your company page and let the applicants come to you.

How to get in contact with your potential applicants:

You can contact them via the LinkedIn messaging tool. Write the potential applicant a short message with a link to your job posting or simply send them all of the information needed in the message. Once you receive a message back, you can move forward in the process by offering an interview and meeting the potential new employee face-to-face.

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