How SocialCentiv Can Listen For You


How SocialCentiv Can Listen for You - SocialCentivTwitter can be a great tool for social marketing when utilized correctly and to its full potential. But how does a business know if they’re using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter correctly, or if their consumers are happy? The simple answer is through social media listening.

What Is Social Listening, and Why Do I Need It?

First off, let’s define what social listening is: it’s the act of social media monitoring simply by finding what is being said about a company online in order to best assess the public’s take on that business.

Social listening can help a business not only determine what their audience cares about and/or is saying about them, but it can also improve a company’s social marketing tactics by amplifying their social media reports and analytics based on consumer perception. Social listening can help a business determine a current or potential problem online, and discover how to better assess and respond to their consumers in order to alleviate the issue.

How Can SocialCentiv Listen for Me?

SocialCentiv is a Twitter tool that helps a business with their social marketing tactics by using target keywords and specific locations in order to find the best potential customers for that company. But how exactly does this help with social media listening? There are a few answers to that question that we'll discuss, but to put it simply: SocialCentiv is also a social listening software in itself.

First, because you can set up specific keywords within SocialCentiv, you can actually pull in conversations users are having on Twitter about your company’s name. Let’s say your business name was “Donna’s Donuts”; you could put in “Donna’s Donuts” as a keyword on SocialCentiv and pull in tweets from any user that uses your company’s name in their tweet. This can help you see what people are saying when it comes to your company: are they craving your donuts? Perhaps they had an amazing time on their last visit, or they wish you could come out with a new flavor? Whatever customers feel like saying about your company on Twitter can be found easily with SocialCentiv’s targeted keywords capability.

Second, SocialCentiv can listen for you within our Managed Services package. This package offers social media monitoring services and social listening by keyword and multiple locations. It also includes insights and weekly reviews provided by a dedicated Account Manager. Within the Managed Services package, trained Interactive Producers use best practices to not only respond to relevant tweets on your behalf, but also to monitor customer engagement on the tweets that they send. Our skilled team works together in order to provide you with full social listening capability through advanced analytics and tracking in order to attribute success for your business.

Listening to current and potential consumers online is vital to understanding what your customers want. Why not make it easy by sticking to one software platform that allows for intent-based marketing and social listening on Twitter all in one place? Once you get started on your free trial with SocialCentiv, speak to your Account Manager if you're interested in learning more about this package.

What ways have you found to strengthen your social marketing through social listening? Tweet me at @dashofsarah and let me know!

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