How To Be an Expert at What You Do

How To Be an Expert at What You Do-SocialCentivI never claim to be an expert on anything. I generally tell people that I know a little bit about a lot of things. This tends to come in handy in a position when you get handed a lot of different clients in a lot different fields. However, I need to make these clients successful. In fact, I genuinely want to make them successful. This calls for some expertise. So, how do I make myself a subject matter expert without spending hours learning about each and every topic? I’ll let you in on my little secret.

My Role

I am an Account Manager at SocialCentiv. My job is to maintain relationships with our clients and make them successful with SocialCentiv. I do this by providing advice and authority to a wide variety of businesses on best practices, for example, what their goals should be, what keywords they should choose and what kind of personality on Twitter will get them the best results.

How I Do It: Identifying Keywords for Clients

I am a friendly person and can learn a lot about any subject matter by simply talking with a client. I’m outgoing and most would say that I haven’t met a stranger, so I rely on the resources around me to get the answers I need in order to make my clients and my company a success. My friends and family are like walking encyclopedias and I use them for advice on potential keywords. Sometimes it’s a conversation over dinner, such as asking for help on a project that has me stuck, where good keywords are shared. That’s when I get the best insight and the most natural language (which, when you use Twitter all day, is really the very best thing you can ask for).

In addition to friends and family, talking to someone in the industry you’re working with and asking about their job not only gives you some awareness of their strengths, frustrations and growth opportunities, but it also gives you an idea as to who is a good client for them. A quick conversation in the elevator with a stranger might open up a whole new world… something a simple Google search will never do.  

So, I may not be a true expert per se, however, if I can find someone who is, give me a few minutes with ‘em and I’ll have a pretty good insight as to who they are, what they do and how I can apply it to my clients keyword objectives. Never overlook the learning opportunity in every conversation.

What about you? Need help with keyword selection in SocialCentiv? Feel free to tweet to me @amlacarra and I’ll be happy to help you out!