How to Find Customers for Your Restaurant with Twitter

how-to-find-customers-for-your-restaurant-with-twitter-01Are you trying to find new customers for your restaurant? With 200 million tweets being sent out everyday, restaurants can take advantage of Twitter to find and engage with potential customers. It’s simple. Here are some tips on how to find new customers for your business using Twitter.

- First, restrict the search to users that are located in the area surrounding your business. You can do this by limiting the search radius for conversations about 5 to 30 miles surrounding your business location, depending on the ticket value of your product.

- Search Twitter for conversations that are relevant to the items your restaurant offers. Search for conversations with keywords pertaining to items on your menu, such as “chicken strips” or “bacon cheeseburger”.


- Search for users who are asking others for recommendations on places to eat.


- Be sure to search for conversations that include a specific intent to purchase.


- When responding to Tweets, be sure to customize your message for each conversation. It’s important to make all of your responses as unique as possible so your business can build personal, meaningful relationships with followers.

- Consider the time of day in which you will engage in conversations so you can experience the most success for your efforts. For example, if you’re trying to build your restaurant’s happy hour crowd, try searching for conversations in the mid-afternoon or a few hours before your happy hour begins.

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.