How To Get The Most Out of SocialCentiv Keyword Analytics

How To Get the Most Out of SocialCentiv Keyword AnalyticsGreat news! We are so excited to announce that SocialCentiv has released a new update that will make the easy-to-use Twitter marketing tool even more easy. You may have read about all the new features in our SocialCentiv Update Release blog post, including the new keyword analytics. We want you to get the most out of this awesome new feature, so we’re going to break down how to use these analytics to your advantage here. Read on to learn about this exciting new feature!

Where to Find Your Keyword Analytics

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.03.27 AMIn order to see your own analytics that are unique to each keyword, simply log in to your dashboard and look at your “Tweets” tab. When you are viewing this tab, each of your keywords will be displayed on the far left side of the page.

When looking at your keywords, you have the option to select “more info.” This will expand to show detailed analytics for each individual keyword. It’s as easy as that!

Keyword Analytics Key Elements

Once you have selected “more info,” each keyword will have five listed analytics. We will list each of the data points here, and explain what they mean:Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.58.04 AM

Conversion rate. This data point will calculate your business’s amount of New Customers for your keyword divided by the amount of Replied Tweets for the same keyword. This will let you know the success rate of your replies per keyword. (Note: This statistic is only included for users who use our custom campaign builder. For users who link to their own URL, this number will always show up as 0 in the reporting tab).

Click Thru Rate. Click thru rate calculates each keyword’s Number of Clicks on the link provided in your reply divided by its amount of Replied Tweets. This is an indicator of each keyword’s success rate for users who link to a pre-existing URL and do not have access to a conversion rate. (Note: This statistic is only included for users who share their own URL for the campaign. If you use our custom campaign feature, this number will not appear in your keyword reporting).

Replied Tweets. Replied Tweets shows exactly what it sounds like: the amount of Tweets that you replied to for that particular keyword. This will give you an indication of the relevancy of Tweets that particular keyword pulls in.

Deleted Tweets. Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory: this will show the amount of Tweets that you chose not to respond to and instead delete for each keyword. This will show the relevancy of Tweets that each keyword pulls in. If you have a high amount of deleted Tweets in comparison to those that you've replied to, this could be an indicator that you should no longer use this keyword.

New Customers. This number shows the number of customers that fill out the campaign page form off a reply to a Tweet containing this keyword. (Note: as is with Conversion Rate, this statistic is only included for users who run a custom campaign built by SocialCentiv. For campaigns that share your own URL, this number will always show up as 0.)

Tweets With This Keyword. Tweets with this Keyword will show you exactly how many Tweets are pulled into your dashboard based on that particular keyword. This can also help you analyze your keyword choices. For example, if a certain keyword pulls in a low amount of Tweets, you might want to rethink how you word that keyword in order to get more Tweet results.

*Replied to and Deleted data will show analytics that began being measured on February 1st.  All other analytics are populated from March 4th to date.

Now you know exactly how to use your analytics to really optimize the way that you use the SocialCentiv tool! Have any more questions about the new analytics? Simply Tweet us: @SocialCentiv or email Happy Tweeting!