How to Use Katy Perry's Twitter Marketing Tactics for Your Business

How to Use Katy Perry's Twitter Centiv



Unless you've been living under a rock or without the Internet (which is basically the same thing), you know that Katy Perry is one of the leading pop singers of our time. But, with so many other talented artists to compete with, one has to wonder, What makes Katy Perry so successful? We have a feeling that her relentlessly fun Twitter presence has something to do with it. These are the things Perry is doing right on Twitter, and how you can use them to improve your own marketing tactics.

Don't be “Hot N Cold”

Katy Hot n Cold


Katy Perry didn't get her whopping 55.8 million followers on Twitter with inconsistent Tweeting. She posts something new every day and engages with her followers regularly. Likewise, you should be Tweeting like your business' success depends on it—because it kind of does. More followers means more money, and Katy Perry is living proof.

Let your personality “Roar”

Katy is totally in-the-know about the latest slang, emoticons and abbreviations. She's not afraid to use them to express her personality on Twitter, and her fans love her for it. For a business, these tools can be overused, but if you can find a balance that will make your business seem more human, the Followers (and customers) will come flooding in.

Tweet like an “Extraterrestrial (ET)”

Katy et


Instead of Tweeting about just one kind of thing, Katy is always mixing things up. She posts videos, pictures, articles—all accompanied by insights in her own unique voice. Make your tweets seem out of this world by varying them.

Fulfill Someone's “Teenage Dream”

The youngins are always asking Katy to retweet them and, even though she's busying being a famous pop star, she does it for them! Retweeting and favoriting the posts of your followers is a great way to gain their attention and earn their trust. They're actually twelve times more willing to Retweet you and buy your stuff later on.


Light a “Firework”

After Katy released her hit song, Firework, she set a hashtag campaign into motion to promote the song: She asked her fans to send her a video telling her who their “firework” or inspiration was in their lives. Similarly, you should use promoted hashtags to advertise your latest specials.

Don't let a follower be “The One That Got Away”

Katy the one that got away


Katy credits her success by saying that she isn't too self-indulgent in her Tweets. It's great to promote your products and specials, but don't get too sales-y or self-involved. Make sure your promoted Tweets are even with (or less frequent than) your other, just-for-funzies ones.

Whether or not you're a fan of Katy Perry's music, the fact of the matter is that she is often marketing herself on social media. Her success is owed to her relentless presence on Twitter. Twitter can help your business succeed, too. If you'd like to learn more about how you can make that happen, visit our site at