If Social Media Channels Were Disney Princesses

If Social Media Channels were (1)

Author: Amanda Woodard, a Summer 2014 intern at SocialCentiv

Have you ever thought that the “average user” on different social media sites gives these channels a personality of their own? We thought so, too. Using these personality profiles, we paired social media channels to the Disney princesses in the “Official Line-Up.”


This is a social media engine that lets you “check in” to public places, such as restaurants, bars, or hair salons. Foursquare is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She loves live music and sneaking out to be with her boyfriend. If it weren’t for Sebastian (her “check ins”), her father would never know where she was!

If Social Media Channels Foursquare


Pinterest is exactly what it sounds like: a social media channel that allows you to “pin” your interests. The site is mostly occupied with life-hacks on how to clean your house more effectively and cook delicious desserts. Pinterest is Snow White because of her warm, homemaker personality.


If Social Media Channels Pinterest


This social media site consists of pictures of food and amateur photography often mislabeled as #nofilter. Instagram would be Pocahontas, the epitome of the average user. She would post pictures of nature and her artwork, which she paints using all the colors of the wind.


If Social Media Channels Instagram


This almost literal social media channel broadcasts the many homemade videos of the average Joe. YouTube is Rapunzel. She’s the kind of vlogger who would gain thousands of subscribers because of her musings on camera, alone in her dirty bedroom, but she couldn’t successfully interact with people in real life.

If Social Media Channels Youtube


This outlet is essentially on online resume that allows you to promote yourself and show off your job experience. LinkedIn is definitely Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, the hardworking, long-term-goal-achieving, rags-to-riches princess.


If Social Media Channels LinkedIn


Although this channel actually has over 300 million users, people look at Google+ as the outsider. Its active users are loyal to the search engine that created this site because of all it has helped them learn and achieve. Google+ would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast because of her quirkiness and love for reading.


If Social Media Channels Google Plus


Facebook allows users to share status updates, find long-lost family members, and check to see which of their friends is single. Facebook is Cinderella. It’s exactly the kind of channel she would use to inappropriately complain about her job to her mice-friends, and then humble-brag about her engagement to the prince.


If Social Media Channels Facebook


This social media channel is taking over: Because of user involvement, news travels faster and social movements spread more quickly. Twitter is Mulan. When she wants to deliver a message, she gets right to the point, and she persuades people with her few words to join her cause.

If Social Media Channels Twitter

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