Improve Your Twitter Marketing


Written by Maggie Jones, Spring 2014 Intern at SocialCentiv

Although there are constant changes and additions to the various social media platforms that exist, Twitter remains a highly effective means of marketing for many organizations. It gives companies the ability to reach their marketing objectives easily and reaches a wide range of consumers. We’ve put together three major ways that you can improve your Twitter marketing this year.

Interact and Engage with Your Audience

It is easy for retailers and marketers to get lost in the habit of simply tweeting promotions and content. It is important to engage with your audience whenever possible in order to build relationships with these consumers. Sharing content is helpful and productive, but it is not the key to a successful Twitter marketing strategy. Instead, be sure to interact with people, reply to their tweets, ask questions, and start to build relationships with potential consumers.

Monitor Conversations and Relevant Keywords

Monitoring conversations and keywords is a quick and easy way to find targeted users to follow. Additionally, by searching keywords and monitoring Twitter conversations, you have the ability to offer timely advice and stay on top of current industry trends. This can keep you ahead in business, and allows your consumers to rest assured that they can rely on you.

Grow Your Audience

Once you’ve started to interact with your followers, it is time to reach out to other people to build your followers up even further. Through this you will build a community of customers, partners, and influencers for your business. By monitoring keywords and conversations, you will be able to find users that are interested in your product, service, or industry, and will be able to reach out to them.

For more information about enhancing your Twitter presence, contact SocialCentiv. SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing tool that allows small businesses to monitor real-time social media conversations.