Internet Marketing: Past and Present


When the Internet was becoming popular in the 1990’s, many advertising and marketing professionals didn’t see much value in using the medium as a part of their campaign strategies. However, Internet marketing proves to be one of the most successful channels for companies to reach their target markets. Here’s a comparison of the past and present of Internet marketing, as well as how to maximize your small business’ potential.

Past: Internet marketing

In the past companies’ main use of the Internet revolved around placing their information out in the open so that others could find it. This information was controlled to prevent users from altering the original message. While this was a useful way to get large amounts of information out to mass audiences, it wasn’t taking advantage of a major opportunity: receiving information from the customers.

However, upon the rise of social interaction, the focus finally began to shift to both relaying their own information to consumers as well as gaining information from these consumers, using two-way communication. Today’s organizations have implemented a new goal: boosting sales through social media. Companies who have seen substantial results from using social media have set objectives to create relationships with consumers before pushing their own agendas, or selling their products or services.

Present: Intent-based marketing

As you can see by its definition, technically, anything where a marketer responds to a consumer’s expressed want or need can be considered intent-based marketing, and can probably be traced back to the first merchant who stepped in to help a customer eyeing a certain product. However, what has made intent-based marketing skyrocket and take flight is the Internet.

The Internet has made this type of marketing much easier and more common place due to it providing many platforms upon which marketers can search for their customers, making it easy to pinpoint their wants and needs and then to respond to them in a timely manner.



New trends

- Two-way communication through the Internet
- Establishing relationships and trust with consumers
- Platforms that make it easy to seek out consumers wants and needs

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.