Introducing SocialCentiv!

What is SocialCentiv?

SocialCentiv is an intent-based marketing software solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. With SocialCentiv, a business can listen to social media conversations and respond with offers for their products and services. Our automated platform then incentivizes people to share those offers through social media and email. For instance, a restaurant owner might need to bring in new customers one night. SocialCentiv allows the owner to search the social sphere for people who publicize that they are hungry now and send them an enticing offer (e.g., Buy One Get One; % Discount; Free Item; Gift with Purchase) using pre-written, industry-specific landing pages. Our application then automatically follows up with the customers via email to encourage those new customers to share the offers with friends. For every friend who takes advantage of the offer, the customer receives an instant monetary reward. This is where SocialCentiv’s incentive begins. 

The SocialCentiv application has a number of benefits:

Turn social media conversations into customers:  SocialCentiv listens to conversations near your business and allows you to comment with offers.

Automated customer follow up: 80% of sales are lost due to poor follow up (Harper College). SocialCentiv automatically follows up via email after a customer engages with you the first time. Never loose a customer again because you forgot about them.  

Ready-to-go content:  SocialCentiv knows that blogging is difficult and time consuming.  For that reason, we hired a team of talented journalists to write industry-specific blog posts just waiting to be published on your blog.

Straight-forward reporting:  Measuring social media is broken, but we’ve fixed it.  Our patented reporting shows you actual consumers that have interacted with your campaign as well as who they shared it with.

SocialCentiv FAQ:

How is SocialCentiv made? Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Angjular.js, HTML5 and CSS3.  But most importantly, a lot of blood, sweat and tears from very talented people at HipLogiq.

When did SocialCentiv launch? SocialCentiv debuted on March 8, 2013 at the South by Southwest interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

Why did you create SocialCentiv? The answer is simple: We wanted to create an easy-to-use tool for small- to medium-sized business owners to gain new customers via social media.

Why should I care about SocialCentiv? Results.  During our private alpha testing, we found that SocialCentiv customers saw an average conversion rate of 16% on offer landing pages and a 33% conversion rate on referral landing pages, resulting in hundreds of new patrons visiting our customers’ businesses.

How do I get started with SocialCentiv? We’ve made the setup process easy. Start by authenticating your Twitter account in the SocialCentiv application. Choose intent-based keywords that matter to your business. Create one or more offers (e.g., buy one get one free, % discount, free item, or gift with purchase). Set your Incentive to $5–$25 for customers to share the offer with friends. Start commenting on social media conversations. Let the software automate the rest, and enjoy your newfound customers. 

In appreciation for your reading this post, I have included a coupon code below so that you can get started for FREE. You do not even need to enter your credit card information.

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Happy commenting.

Adam Root, CoFounder and CTO