Is Your Twitter Marketing Message Push Too Pushy?

Understanding a key Twitter marketing turnoff that causes potential customers to ignore businesses that try to engage with them everyday.

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Is Your Twitter Marketing Message PushAs more and more businesses take on the world of social media, more are getting comfortable with utilizing platforms like Twitter to reach potential customers. For many small businesses today in particular, the once common question of whether or not to use social media at all has been replaced with debate about the benefits of outsourcing social media marketing versus taking care of it in house, say some experts. A piece published in a recent issue ofNew Orleans City Business spotlighted how some businesses chose one of the two options for promotion, interaction, and garnering feedback from prospective customers found on social networking platforms like Twitter.

Says Mais Arepas co-manager Matt Blevin in the article of his company's decision to handle its social media accounts internally, "We found it's better to handle social media firsthand because we are more in tune with the experience of what is happening in the business."

The Most Common Twitter Marketing Turnoff

Businesses like Blevin's eventually find their stride in Twitter marketing; however, there are some that get stuck in limbo because their marketing messages fail to resonate with prospects.

When businesses do choose to handle Twitter marketing on their own as opposed to outsourcing related tasks, there are important things to consider to ensure that messages do not come off as being blatant self-promotion. Twitter marketing messages sent out by businesses are meant to spark conversations with prospective customers and cause them to act. However, some messages are off putting and leave little room for intended audience members to feel comfortable taking action due to their pushy nature.

The Most Effective Twitter Marketing

One major tip that can help businesses ensure that their Twitter marketing messages appear more conversational than sales angled to potential customers is to first pay attention to what potential customers are saying. Many post about their wants, needs, and purchase plans daily, in conversations with followers and friends. Taking a queue from social media marketing experts who help businesses that choose to outsource these tasks, utilizing social listening or monitoring Twitter conversations can go a long way in understanding how to reach any target audience.

In a blog post on her company's website, social media marketing expert Sarah Beacom of SocialCentiv says of the important task, "Twitter can be a great tool for social marketing when utilized correctly and to its full potential. But how does a business know if they're using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter correctly, or if their consumers are happy? The simple answer is through social media listening."

According to Beacom, "Listening to current and potential consumers online is vital to understanding what your customers want."

The task can be too time consuming for many business owners and operators; however, who have numerous operational tasks to focus on for their enterprise. There are resources available on the market that help businesses with social listening in addition to reaching out to potential customers including SocialCentiv's Twitter marketing tool. More information about SocialCentiv can be found by visiting

The most effective Twitter marketing for businesses focuses strongly on the intent of potential customers. In devising any plan to using social media, it is important to keep in mind what users are saying and how to best tell them about the availability of an offer without making it appear to be a forced issue.


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