New Twitter Feature: Lead Generation Cards

New Twitter Feature: Lead Generation Cards

Reaching out to consumers on Twitter can be tough, and through feedback from a number of Twitter-using businesses, Twitter has added Lead Generation Cards to the mix. With 500 million tweets sent daily, the competition for consumer attention is a struggle. Twitter’s lead generation cards are expected to bring you better attention from consumers by working within your promoted tweet to exchange your offer to consumers in exchange for their contact information.

Twitter’s lead generation cards allow consumers to provide businesses with their email addresses and other contact information without ever having to leave the Twitter screen. This is beneficial for businesses because it gives them direct access to consumer contact information.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards Example

These lead generation cards are on the right track, but they only allow businesses to reach consumers who are willing to provide their information and engage in the promoted and expanded tweets. Other platforms, such as SocialCentiv, show businesses which conversations are most relevant to their brand. This allows Twitter business users to engage with target consumers and tailor their responses to the consumer’s specific tweets. SocialCentiv allows for a more personalized customer experience

Through SocialCentiv, business owners can choose keywords that are relevant to their business, and track real-time Twitter conversations near their location, which provides great benefits for small business owners.

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.