Online Marketing Tools That Help Businesses Save Time and Money When Marketing With Social Media

Common social media marketing challenges for businesses, and tools that can help make efforts more time and cost efficient.


Online Marketing Tools That Help - SocialCentivRecently,WebProNews writer Chris Crum published an article outlining how the technology services businesses choose can save them on costs and time. According to Crum "Everyone is familiar with the saying, "Time is money." That phrase isn't lost when it comes to running your business… The technology services you select for your business can actually help you out in ways you might not have considered: by saving you time and money."

This is especially true when it comes to social media marketing. Social media offers access to a broad target audience base that cannot be reached through some traditional (and more expensive) forms of advertising. Statistics show that more than 70 percent of all Internet users have an active social media presence. Also, more than 70 percent of US adults online utilize social media networking in some form. These and other facts help illustrate the high value of taking advantage of the free opportunity for businesses to build profiles on social media sites to become part of these digital communities; however, without the use of tools to assist with maintaining active engagement, simply having a presence alone does not help in achieving desired growth. Many businesses also find:

  • Devising and sending out a stream of effective marketing driven Tweets throughout the day can prove to be too time consuming for business operators who already have a lot on their plate.
  • Social media users seek real time engagement and some businesses find it challenging to be available on the social networks at the times their target audiences are expressing their wants and needs.
  • Engaging with potential customers on social media most effectively requires taking the time to follow their conversations and respond to what they have expressed in their posts, another time consuming task.
  • Using options like paying for impressions to users often doesn't prove cost effective for businesses with limited budgets because those who view the posts may not be in one's target base or ready to make a purchase at all, and repeating the process multiple times may be needed to garner desired feedback.

A growing number of marketers rely on popular networks like Twitter to generate quality leads for businesses, as well as assistive tools to help them achieve the best reach. The use of tools that not only do the legwork of finding and reaching out to potential customers on platforms like Twitter, but look for potential customers with an identified expressed purchase intent is what many businesses find proves most effective. In a recent blog article, social media marketing expert Adrianna Lacarra, who works with Twitter marketing tool developer SocialCentiv advises "Never overlook the learning opportunity in every conversation."

Like SocialCentiv, there are several social media marketing tools on the market. It is important that businesses research to find the right tools that match what they want to achieve after they have developed a clear understanding of their marketing goals. Tips for getting started include:

  • Identifying the demographics of a target audience
  • Identifying what offers one is comfortable presenting to potential customers via social networking
  • Identifying the types of conversations that would be most beneficial to "listen" to on platforms like Twitter
  • Identifying what keywords would be most conducive to helping single out conversations relevant to what a business offers

Startups and small to mid-sized businesses are notorious for seeking out ways to cut costs and have more time to focus on the many facets of successfully running their operations. Marketing is one area where many can use today's innovative technologies for mass lead generation without having to set aside big brand advertising budgets. Particularly when reaching potential customers via social media, there are multiple tools on the market that offer extensive support. The key to finding the most time and cost effective ones for the unique social media marketing needs of businesses today is clearly outlining end game goals, and researching accordingly.

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