Our Favorite Big Twitter Marketing Wins

Our Favorite Big Twitter Marketing Wins

You can strategize all you want for Twitter, but sometimes what you really need is some good ol’, classic inspiration. There a lot of brands out there doing great things on Twitter that we should all applaud. We want to share some of the best Twitter marketing efforts that have inspired us. Sit back, enjoy, and take notes!


A huge goal on Twitter is to engage with other users and to get them to interact with you through the platform. Back in 2010, Radioshack did just this with their #ifihadsuperpowers campaign. For this campaign, RadioShack promoted a Tweet encouraging people to Tweet at RadioShack with a picture of themselves with an outstretched tag, accompanied by the hashtag #ifihadsuperpowers, for the chance to win a prize. Some of the prizes on the line were an e-reader, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an AUVIO Portable Digital TV, a Garmin GPS and Radio Shack gift certificates, making the stakes high!

RadioShack then would Tweet back to these users, updating their photo to include a mask and cape- making these Twitter users “superheroes” themselves. Thousands of Twitter users entered the contest, and RadioShack received 65 million impressions within 24 hours. Talk about a way to involve engagement and creativity!

Radio Shack

USA Today

USA Today came up with an awesome way to campaign on Twitter for a great cause. In order to determine which US charity had the most support, USA Today encouraged Twitter users to Tweet their favorite charity with the hashtag #AmericaWants. The reward for doing so? The charity with the most Tweets would win a full-page spot in USA Today’s magazine.

Not only were more than 60,000 Tweets using the hashtag created, but people were actually creating Twitter accounts just so that they could participate. Who was the big winner? To Write Love on Her Arms, a charity focused on antidepression, won the full-page spread. This was a truly innovative way to not only get people to engage on Twitter, but also to get them involved for a cause.



Here’s an awesome Twitter marketing campaign that relied on more than just a hashtag. Jeep wanted to come up with an exciting way to promote their new model via Twitter, and they came up with something truly innovative. By creating new Twitter profiles, they created an online puzzle. In order for Twitter users to be able to solve the puzzle, they were required to follow each of the new Twitter profiles and view the profile’s picture. From there, each of these new Twitter profiles had even more to follow in which to obtain the “picture puzzle pieces” that would all fit together to reveal the new model. This was an amazing way to really utilize the Jeep brand as well as to really utilize Twitter.


There you have it, folks. These brands have shown that there is always a new way to engage new users on Twitter. Now, what’s stopping you from creating the next big hashtag? Get out there and get to work!

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Allie Lewis.