Secret Twitter Hacks You Need to Know

Larry the twitter bird

Author: Amanda Woodard, a Summer 2014 intern at SocialCentiv

Since the launch of Twitter in 2006, the micro blogging platform has dramatically changed the way the average individual receives their media. With the ability to post 140-character tweets, the way we receive news, write product reviews, and communicate with others, is changing. Whether you’re new to Twitter, or you’re a seasoned pro, there are a few secret hacks you might not know about this popular social media website.


Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a lot of mouse-free ways to get around your Twitter feed, which can make your experience easier to navigate and more time efficient. Try typing in a few of these shortcuts to move from page to page or reach out to your followers:

  • “GH” travels to the main feed.
  • “GR” shows your mentions.
  • “N” lets you compose a new tweet.
  • “M” opens a direct message on another person’s page.


Third-Party Twitter Apps

There are a lot of third-party Twitter applications to help you navigate Twitter more effectively, but here are a few that deserve honorable mentions in our book:

  • Qwitter. Sign up for this service to receive an email any time someone unfollows you. This service will even suggest which of your recently posted tweets may have been the cause of the former follower's disinterest.
  • WeFollow. This is a directory of prominent people categorized by interests like politics, finance, and pop culture. The app allows you add your Twitter handle to a list of users by tags you find interesting. This is great for finding people you’re most likely to be interested in following, as well as helping other users find you.
  • TweetDeck. This Twitter app allows you to schedule your tweets in advance, so you’re not bombarding your followers with a bunch of information at once. The prime time to schedule Tweets varies for each individual user and their followers, so take some time to analyze your previous engagements to determine your ideal time frame.


Finding the Most from Your Search

Are you looking for Twitter users who live near you or who looking for the service you’re selling in your area? Trying ending your search terms in a colon and enter your city in quotation marks like this: ‘Great coffee: “Dallas”’.

Maybe it’s easy to find people who Tweet about your interests but it’s difficult to find users who feel positively about said interests. Try entering in a smile face with your search (i.e., “coffee :)”) and this should pull up the kind of tweets you were looking for.


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