Six Twitter Faux Pas to Avoid

Six Twitter Faux Pas to Avoid

Written by Amanda Woodard, SocialCentiv Intern, Summer 2014

You’ve realized the benefits of Twitter marketing for your business, but for some reason, you are gradually losing followers. You may not know it, but you are probably committing a few Twitter faux pas that are turning your followers off. Here are six Twitter faux pas you should avoid:

1. Automatic replies

The whole point of engaging with your followers on Twitter is to make them feel connected to you. This feat is only possible if you can remind your followers that a human being is operating your account. If your account is automatically replying to new followers with empty Thank-Yous and links to your website, then you are killing any chance of connecting with that follower. Actually, many Twitter users will unfollow brands who auto-reply, which loses those brands a valuable prospective client.

2. Tweeting irregularly

Stop treating your business Twitter like your personal account. It is vital to your Twitter marketing success that you tweet daily. Your consistent Twitter presence will constantly remind your followers of your services and demonstrate your dedication to customer service, which will eventually result in an increase in sales.

3. Tweeting like a used car salesman

Your followers get it. You started this Twitter account specifically to promote your services. But if you are only Tweeting about your services and shoving promotions down your followers’ throats, their eyes—having been sufficiently familiarized with your posts—will just skim over them. Or worse: They will just unfollow you altogether. Tweet links to relevant articles that are funny, educational, or just interesting. Post humorous pictures. Interact with your followers.

4. Ignoring mentions or messages

If someone directly mentions you or DMs you, you should be responding. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, like if a person is tweeting you spam or profanity, but otherwise, you should answer your followers. Period. Your responses will show your followers that you are readily available to answer questions and help them. When your Twitter presence is reliable, it shows your followers that your business is reliable, too.

5. #Abusing #your #hashtag #privileges

Hashtags can be a great tool with which to grow your business. Creating a brand-specific hashtag and encouraging your followers to use it can help prospective clients find you. However, you tweets shouldn’t have too many hashtags or it can be hard to decipher your message. Limit yourself to three hashtags per tweet.

6. Tweeting without a strategy

Because Twitter is something people use recreationally, you may think that it’s okay to dive into Twitter marketing without a strategy. Here’s the thing though: You’re not Tweeting recreationally. Tweeting can be a great way to extend your reach to new customers and keep your current ones. Without a strategy, all your efforts will be worthless.

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