Smartphone Addiction

Finding A Cure For Your Smartphone Addiction

Do you check your email as soon as you wake up? Do you check your Facebook feed while on a date? Do you post a tweet about what color socks you are wearing? Do you play your turn in Words With Friends while in a business meeting?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be guilty of nomophobia (more commonly known as smartphone addiction). And, yes! Smartphone addiction is a real thing! Without a doubt, there is an increasing craving of smart phones in our everyday lives. While you may not suffer from a complete, full-on addiction, you may have an increased dependency on your smartphone to complete simple daily activities. If you are having trouble disconnecting from the digital world, here are some tips on how to overcome your (smartphone) cravings and enjoy some time away from technology.

Leave business at the office

Don’t feel like you need to be constantly checking your phone for incoming emails and text messages from your colleagues. It’s unlikely that your boss is going to email you a life-or-death threatening business decision on a Satur- day evening. If it is something of great importance, your boss will probably call you on the phone to alert you and request a timely response.

Smartphones aren’t for snuggling

In extreme cases of smartphone dependency, many people sleep with their phones underneath their pillows or next to them on the bed. There is an increased temptation to check messages and communicate with others if the device is nearby. Before you slip into bed, take your phone to another room or turn it off. You will also get more sleep instead of socializing distractions.

An increased number of applications are being developed every day making us be- lieve we need technology to perform simple tasks. Go through your apps you use on a frequent basis and delete the apps you hardly use. A study by Pinch Media shows that only 20 percent of users who download a free app frequently still use the app, and most users completely forget about the free app within 30 days.

The days of making a to-do list with a pencil and paper are fading

Digital to-do lists are going mainstream today, many of which are at risk of being lost in the event of a tech- nology failure or crash. A good idea is to sync your to-do list with your computer to save important meetings and events. This can be done on the iPhone by syncing your calendar with your computer via iCloud.

Separating your social life from technology may seem contradicting but will actually be rewarding with more personal relationships. You may also find that removing yourself from technology for a little while will allow you to create memories with those around you. Although the average person spends eight hours a month on Facebook (according to Nielson), there is no replacement for one-on-one face time with those in your physical environment.


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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.