Social Media Identities: Scholars


Scholars are people who are influenced by educational resources. They seek out scholarly information from credible websites and sources. Scholars are interested in thoroughly researching a product before they make the purchase. They value factual information and seek the long- term effects on any given product. Scholars want to make sure they are making a smart investment in a product or service to make sure they aren’t wasting their money.

Characteristics of scholars:

- Seek trustworthy information
- Rely on credible resources
- Focus on quality investments
- Research before purchasing
- Share information with friends
- Highly influenced by friends


83% of social network users have downloaded content from another user

Source: Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center

How to reach scholars

Reaching scholars for your business can include providing an eBook, posting blogs, and distributing newsletters. Scholars indulge themselves with content pertaining to items they are interested in. Providing information about your product(s) and service(s) has proven to be effective without directly mentioning your brand. People become skeptical about marketing tactics that force products in their face, so indirectly referring to your products and services builds brand connectivity. People will then remember that your company is aware of their personal needs and will not only trust, but value your opinions.

Quality content is best

A great way to build trust with your target audience is by giving them reliable, trustworthy information. Effective use of keywords mentioned throughout a campaign’s marketing materials can organically boost their ranking in search engine results. Creating an eBook is a great way for companies to reach out to scholars. The scholarly consumers often using search engines as a starting point. From the search results, consumers may be redirected to a landing page in order to receive their sought-after content.

Convert readers into customers

The use of landing pages allows companies to gather information about interested consumers before they are awarded access to the exclusive content. Landing pages along with well-thought out email marketing lifecycle help convert visitors into prospective leads; and, an appealing landing page can reinforce why the information is important to the consumer.

Track lead conversions

Landing pages are also great tools for marketing because their success can be monitored through analytics. Have multiple versions of your landing pages available and track which one generates the most conversions. You can take notice as to what makes them different and more appealing so you can use these strategies in your upcoming campaigns.


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