Social Media Identities: Socializers


Socializers are people who are interested in communicating with their friends and participating in promotions on social network sites. Businesses that have contests have twice as many Facebook “likes” than those that don’t. Creating a fan-base online is a great way to reach socializers. They will help promote their favorite brands and spread the word among their circles of friends.

In 2011, 80% of people reported that negative information they had read online has made them change their mind about purchasing a product or service.

Source: The Strategy Web

Characteristics of a socializer:

- Interacts with friends, family, and acquaintances
- Stays updated on current information
- Engages in conversation among multiple platforms
- Flexible schedule of social interaction
- Good time management

A key factor that many socializers look for among companies is their presence and responsiveness with their customers through an online community. Companies that are active and engaged with their followers have been proven as trustworthy and have a successfully satisfied customer pool. Offering discounts or eBooks shouldn’t be the primary resource to target socializers, because they are looking for something more.


They want to engage in conversations with other customers, satisfied or not, to expand their decision making horizons. A well-rounded discussion of the costs and benefits gives customers satisfaction, and in return, less buyer’s remorse for purchasing items that don’t exceed their expectations.

In 2011, 87% of people reported that positive information they had read online has reinforced their decision to purchase a product or service.

Source: The Strategy Web

The marketing content must be relevant to influential socializers to ensure widespread dissemination. If followers feel as if they are being targeted for the wrong reasons, their reactions can easily be shared among their peers.


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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.