SocialCentiv Just Got Easier

SocialCentiv Just Got EasierHere at SocialCentiv, we’re passionate about helping you grow your business on Twitter. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback from our users and are excited to announce some new features and how they help you save time and run campaigns more effectively.

Get all the details about the SocialCentiv update below, then take a spin through SocialCentiv to check out the new features that make SocialCentiv a little easier for you to find new customers on Twitter.

New Features:

  • New User Interface
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Negative Keywords

Let’s take a closer look at how each of these features helps you save time and run campaigns more effectively:

New User Interfacesocialcentiv-new-interface-01

Once you log into your SocialCentiv account, you’ll notice things look a little brighter. You can now enjoy a dashboard that more closely reflects the Twitter experience. Major updates to take note of:

  • A simple three-column layout
  • Your Twitter avatar, SocialCentiv account name and Twitter handle at the top left
  • Your Tweet stream can now be filtered by keyword
  • You can manipulate your keywords straight from the Tweet stream (Learn more about this in our blog post: "SocialCentiv Update: How to Add and Maintain Keywords.")
  • Tool navigation menu is now located at the top
  • It looks and feels a lot more like Twitter!

Keyword Analytics

socialcentiv-keyword-analytics-01Now that keywords are listed on the left-hand rail of your dashboard, you can easily see all of the keywords and keyphrases you are listening for on Twitter. You even have the ability to see more and drill down into the analytics of each keyword and how it is performing for you.

The metrics you’ll be able to view by keyword are:

  • Conversion Rate (for campaigns that share a custom campaign built by SocialCentiv)
  • Click-Thru Rate (for campaigns that share a pre-existing URL)
  • Replied Tweets
  • Deleted Tweets
  • New Customers
  • Tweets With This Keyword (the amount of Tweets each keyword is pulling in)

To learn more about these analytics, what they mean and how you can best use them to generate new customers on Twitter, read our How To Get The Most Out of SocialCentiv Keyword Analytics post!

Negative Keywords

Many of you asked for it, and we’re happy to now release the ability to add negative keywords to any campaign! You’ll see the section on the lefthand side of your Tweet stream, located below your keywords titled “None of These Keywords”. This is where you can add any and all negative keywords that you don’t want to listen for.

socialcentiv-negative-keywrds-01For example, if you want to listen for all Tweets containing pizza, but don’t want any Tweets where a user is saying “hate” in association with “pizza”, you would then enter “hate” as a negative keyword.

Not familiar with negative keywords or want more tips on how to use them? No problem, you can learn more by reading our How To Optimize Your Twitter Campaign With Negative Keywords post.

We hope these big and small improvements are already making your experience better in SocialCentiv. Our goal is to help save you time and run campaigns more effectively on Twitter.

Many of these features were created as a result of your feedback, so we’re eager to see what you think. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter: @SocialCentiv or via email at with complaints, suggestions or requests - we rely on your feedback to make SocialCentiv work in the best way that it can for you!