Three Benefits of Nurturing Leads

So, you just got someone to sign up for an online promotion and you got his or her email address. Is the first email you send them going to be the only one you send to your potential new customer? Hopefully not! Now is the time to nurture your leads in order to continue strengthening your new client-customer relationship.


Think you don’t need to worry about nurturing leads for your Small to Medium-Sized Business (SMB)? Think again. Here are some of the benefits.


1. Reinforce Your Message

The average Internet user is online for 13 hours per week, so chances are that the offer that you send them is not the only one they have seen recently. So, sending an offer only one time does not guarantee the initial customer will remember your business. By sending the initial customer additional emails in hopes of nurturing leads, you remind them of your business and increase the likelihood that they think of you the next time they need similar services or goods.


2. Build a Relationship

By continuing to send your customers information and offers through email, you begin to create a relationship between yourself and the customers. An initial customer is far more likely to return if they think that there is a real relationship between them and your business. Providing the customer with information about your industry establishes you in his or her mind not as a business but as an expert to be trusted. If your customer trusts your business, you can be sure that you will be getting more business from him or her. When you put effort into building meaningful relationships, you're sure to see growth in your SMB's customer lifetime value (CLV).


3. Grow Your Network with Referrals

Nurturing leads can also include enticing your contacts with a promotional discount or special deal if they refer their friends to your business. This form of referral marketing continues to strengthen the relationship between your business and the initial customer while expanding the awareness of your business and bringing in more customers.


These are just three of the many benefits of nurturing leads. By following up with your customers after your initial transaction, you increase the likelihood of more business both from the initial customer and from his or her friends that receive referrals.


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