Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Have Many Twitter Followers

Top 10 Reasons You Don't Have Many Twitter Followers

Author: Sierra Uselton, a Summer 2014 intern at SocialCentiv

Twitter is all about communication. It’s important that more than just two people know that you just ordered a large Papa John’s pizza all for yourself. So, here’s why your mom and your high school biology teacher are the only two followers you have.

1. Your profile photo is the standard Twitter egg

Don’t be an egghead! Post a selfie or any picture of yourself that you like as your profile picture. Most people don’t want to follow users with no profile picture anyways because it can look like a fake Twitter identity.

2. Your profile picture is a picture of your cat

Twitter is about developing relationships and interacting with people – not cats. I’m sure your cat Lord Tubbington is really influential in your life, but he isn’t in mine. Do us all a favor and make your profile picture a picture of yourself.

3. Your bio is empty

160 characters isn’t a lot of space, but at least put something in this space. How do I know I want to follow you if I don’t know anything about you?

4. You don’t tweet very often

Twitter is all about communication. If you don’t tweet on a regular basis, what’s the incentive for other users to follow you? An inactive account only messes with users’ follow-to-follower ratio. Followers should interact with each other, which requires tweeting.

5. You tweet too often

No user who is worth following will be posting tweets every minute of every day. Too many tweets within a given amount of time can lead to tweets that are less significant and not as meaningful.

6. You’re on #teamfollowback

Begging for followers is not a smart strategy for anyone, especially businesses. Therefore, forego the temptation to use hashtags related to the follow-for-follow tactic.

7. You don’t interact with others

This reason is similar to the one about not tweeting very often. Be wary of only participating in one-way communication and neglecting other users. Twitter is great for communicating with other users, so be sure to do so.

8. Your Twitter account is private

What's the point of Tweeting if you restrict access to your profile. What are you tweeting about? Nuclear codes? Make sure to set your Twitter account as public so people can find your profile and engage in conversations.

9. You use TrueTwit Validation

Don't insult the intelligence of your new followers by making them click on a link that takes them to an external site where they have to prove their existence via a captcha form.

10. You send auto DM’s

Soliciting for likes on another one of your social networks via automatic direct messages simply is not a good practice. Rather than spending your time setting up an automatic direct message that will essentially act as a nuisance for your new followers, focus on building your social networks with quality content. After all, quality content is king.