Top Three Reasons to Track Your Results on Social Media


Source: Camille McClane

Every business should be tracking results on their social media sites. It’s important to know how well your business’s social media marketing strategy is working to build future success. Here are the top three reasons to track results:

  1. See what’s working for your business and what isn’t

If you can’t see what type of engagement you’re receiving back from your followers, how can you create a marketing strategy geared toward gaining engagement? By tracking your results, you can see what time is best to post, what type of content gets the most attention, and what demographic you are reaching and interacting with most. Take advantage of reporting tools like SocialCompass and SocialCentiv, which can track your social media sites’ traffic.

  1. Find which social media sites your business is thriving on

Being on every social media site may help your business reach a vast amount of people, but it is in your best interest to focus on the two or three sites that are generating the most interaction with followers. Tracking your results on social media makes it simple to identify the sites that are of the most value to your business.

  1. Help your business set realistic goals

When you begin to track your results on social media, you can use them to create goals for your business that are realistic and achievable. The only way to see if your social media strategy is working is to track your results. Without knowing the results of your current social media marketing strategy, setting goals for the future will be difficult. As you grow on social media sites, it’s helpful and time efficient to track your results.

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