Top Three Benefits of Twitter for Small Businesses

How small business owners can find new customers using Twitter

For small businesses, simply having a Twitter presence can be everything. Millennials, the leading generation (or the generation with the most spending power), are highly active on social media outlets, so it is very important for small business owners to be posting on the most popular social media channels, such as Twitter, to maintain a connection with their target audience. Here are a few ways SMBs can directly benefit from their Twitter presence:

Active presence

A persistent Twitter presence means that it is more likely for your posts to be seen by new users, which means you have a higher chance of gaining a new follower. These followers each represent valuable prospective clients, since users who follow you are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service from your company. Users feel more connected and loyal to a brand if they can connect with them on social media.

Twitter Stat- 72 percent


Captivating content

This is, also, why it’s important to be posting interesting and engaging content, in addition to posting special offers or information about your services. If your followers don’t feel engaged, they are more likely to unfollow you, which could cost you a potential sale. Posting humorous pictures or educational blogs related to your services also makes it much more likely that your posts will be Retweeted. Each Retweet is a recommendation to your business, and 86% are more likely to purchase your services if a friend has recommended them to them.

Secured sales

Your followers are not just more likely to purchase your services in the present; they are also more likely to seek out your services in the future. If you’re gaining and maintaining followers by posting interesting content daily, you more easily market to them in the future when you have new or updated services to offer. Again, because of your followers’ loyalty to your brand, they are more likely to purchase these services from you.

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.