Twitter Followers: Does it Even Matter?

Twitter Followers: Does It Even Matter? - SocialCentivThere’s a lot of debate and speculation when it comes to the ins and outs of using Twitter for marketing purposes. How many hashtags should one use in a tweet? Should a company be tweeting out third-party articles or only their own branded content? But perhaps one of the biggest questions debated is whether or not a business should focus on the amount of Twitter followers their account has, and--if the answer to that question is ‘yes’--how should they go about increasing followers?

In order to best answer this question, a previous one must first be assessed: What is the main purpose for your company being on social media? The answer to this will determine if these followers really matter, and how you should go about acquiring them. For example: if your main focus on Twitter is to broadcast announcements for your business to the mass audiences with no particular incentive, having a lot of followers can help when it comes to getting retweets and spreading the word. But if your focus is to engage and interact with consumers, it may not matter how many followers you have, but rather who your followers are.

To put it simply: followers matter, not follower counts.

Buying Twitter Followers

There are tons of articles out there focusing on how to buy Twitter followers and why purchasing Twitter followers is necessary for a positive social media experience. People will do a lot to get more followers, from joining in on mass follow hashtags (such as #followforfollow or #followtrain for example), auto tweeting, and buying retweets. But the question remains: are these the right type of followers for your business?

Sure, using methods such as auto tweeting can increase Twitter followers, but a lot of these tend to be fake followers and/or spam accounts. Beware of apps that promise to multiply your Twitter following in just days, as these are mainly either fake Twitter followers or irrelevant ones.

This matters mainly for those who are looking to engage with and connect to their Twitter audience. What’s the point of having more followers if none of them are relevant to your brand or even read what you tweet? This is when quality becomes more important than quantity.

Don’t kick yourself if you’ve already invested in fake followers. In fact, some celebrities and digital marketing CEO’s have a great deal of fake followers on their accounts. The good news is that you can find and rid yourself of these fake followers with the help of some online tools.

How to Get Genuine Twitter Followers

That being said, those on Twitter do judge a brand’s account based on their number of followers. The higher the number of followers, the more sense of credibility that brand has. The lower the number, the more skeptical a user will be when tweeted at from that company’s account. So, what’s a brand to do when they need a high number of followers, but also want them to be genuine? Try more outside-of-the-box methods of increasing followers.

For example, SocialCentiv can actually increase a company’s number of followers with genuine, relevant Twitter users. Because the software allows a brand to respond back to those talking about relevant topics, they engage with a consumer who’s more likely to be interested in what that business has to say online, rather than fake accounts or irrelevant users who aren’t targeted.

How about you? What do you think when it comes to having a certain number of Twitter followers; does it affect your experience at all? Tweet me at @dashofsarah with your input!