Twitter’s Take on Influential Users


Written by: Morning Winterholler, Spring 2014 Intern at SocialCentiv

Many social media networks have introduced advertising to their users in order to generate revenue, and Twitter is no exception to this trend. Now that the company is public, the pressure to turn a profit is on. To accomplish this, Twitter is teaming up with marketers to target customers like it never has before.

Tailored-audiences program

New capabilities are being incorporated into Twitter’s “tailored-audiences” program. Now marketers can us email addresses and information from Twitter bios to choose the exact users they want their ads delivered to. This helps these marketers reach people who already love the product or service being advertised in their Twitter feed. These are loyal customers who might just need the extra boost of a Twitter ad to drive their next purchase.

How does it work?

The new developments in Twitter’s advertising program are made possible by retailers who provide the company with scrambled email addresses. If an email address matches that of a Twitter user, an ad can be delivered to their feed.

Scrambling is done to ensure the exact identities of the Twitters users are never revealed in the advertising process. Twitter’s software program matches the email addresses to their corresponding usernames. This keeps the individuals who are being targeted entirely anonymous.

Beyond the loyal customer

This new addition helps target the loyal customers and potential customers alike. Twitter’s advertising program can share user bios with marketers to help them reach those who might be perceptive to their ads. Other public information on Twitter, such as follow count, is useful to retailers in identifying potential influential users.

Privacy settings

Twitter users can simply adjust their privacy settings if they do not wish to be targeted in this new way. By turning off the matching feature, the company will not use their account information to connect with advertising partners.

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