Understanding the ‘Twittersphere’


All social media outlets have unspoken rules or guidelines that users are expected to adhere to, but how are you supposed to become privy to this information?  Businesses, now more than ever, need to be socially responsible. Not only in the sense of caring for their community but also when interacting with users online. Twitter represents one of the largest social communities with interactions happening every second, leaving plenty of room for a Twitter faux pas. Not to worry! Below I have provided a few insights so that you can better understand the Twittersphere, and how to successfully thrive in it.

Starting Off Right

Before you’re even ready to enter the world of Twitter, you need to start off with the right Twitter handle. This will be the name that users see when you post a tweet and when tweeting back at you. Remember, this is for your business! While “dog_lover411” may seem like the perfect Twitter handle, it should solely be used for your personal use – never connected to your business. Create a business Twitter handle that reinforces your brand and brand name, leading to instant recognition for users. This creates legitimacy and will allow users to be more open to interacting with you.

To post or not to post?

The answer is: both! Twitter is about sharing information and opinions, engaging in conversations, and developing relationships with people you might not otherwise meet. Twitter is based on brevity with its 140 character limit, so keep it brief and to the point. Also, #dont #overindulge #in #hashtags. While hash tags get your conversations into trending topics and in front of users that don’t follow you, too many cloud the issue of the tweet. Listening on Twitter is very important as well. Search on Twitter to see what users are saying about your brand, product, or service. Reaching out to users, whether they have positive or negative opinions, is a great way to earn your keep in the Twittersphere.

Stay active!

At first, it can be difficult to get your Twitter off the ground, but the key is to stay active. Use Twitter as a marketing tool, but also use it for fun. Share relevant stories related to your industry, and interact with others who have similar interests. “But I want more followers…” you say. It’s not all about the amount of followers, but the quality of followers. Twitter is full of call to actions to “follow me and I’ll follow back,” but this isn’t always the best course of action. Follow companies that are in your industry, this keeps you aware and also gives you insight into what your competitors are doing. Finding users that have a lot of opinions about you? Follow them as well. Responding to these users in a professional manner can make a huge impact on your rank in the social realm.

Your customers are out there tweeting, so you should be too! This is the new word of mouth and it travels a lot quicker than it used to, so you need to be out there listening and interacting if you want to keep up.

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