Using Special Offers to Find Customers for Your Restaurant

Using Special Offers to Find Customers for Your Restaurant

Are you trying to get new customers for your restaurant using social media? Are you wondering how to promote your restaurant using Twitter? Are you actively engaging with your restaurant’s surrounding community using Twitter?

Finding new customers for your restaurant is easy with Twitter. Restaurants can use Twitter to find customers right where they are, and enjoy spending a great amount of their free time.

But, how can a restaurant use Twitter to get a high return-on-investment (ROI) from their marketing efforts? It’s simple: with coupons and special offers. Sharing enticing offers with (potential and existing) customers using Twitter is a proven strategy for turning online conversations into real-life customers. In fact, the primary reason why people follow brands on Twitter is for real-time information about special offers and deals (see image below).

Top Reasons People Follow Brands on Twitter


Choose Quality Offers that Convert

Your offer should be the best possible deal you can provide. For best lead generation results, we recommend offering a value of at least 20% off an entire purchase. Keep in mind; promotions with a high value amount yield high conversion rates.

Research competitors’ promotions – When deciding on a special offer, research what your competitors are offering and consider something similar (and better, if possible).

Multivariate testing of offers – Run multiple offers at once so you can determine which one performs the best over an appropriate amount of time. We suggest a promotional time period of at least three months, as this is when a new campaign begins to start gaining traction.

Equal opportunity for individual offers – Also, be sure to equally promote each individual offer. Uniform promotional efforts yield the most accurate reporting data possible, which will ultimately help in best determining which offers are most attractive and bring in the greatest amount of customers. Successful campaigns often include promotional offers like “Get 20% off your entire purchase” and “Get a FREE medium hot or iced coffee during your next visit”.

Choose unique offers – Don’t try to promote a special offer that already exists for another current promotion. For example, don’t offer “Free Shipping” if that is already being provided for your customers. You should choose an offer that is attractive and valuable for your target audience. What are you providing that other companies aren’t? What makes your special offer unique?

Cater to your target audience – Choose a unique offer to appeal to different target audiences. First, decide what your marketing goals are for your restaurant. Then, think about the target audience for each of these goals and choose an offer that is valuable for this audience. For example, if you want to build the lunch crowd or late-night crowd for your restaurant, you may consider choosing a price deal special offer like “Get 50% off your purchase” or “Buy One Entrée, Get One Free”. Or, if you want to focus on building your happy hour crowd, consider offering an incentive like “Half Price House Wines and Domestic Beers”.

Proof Is in the Pudding

SocialCentiv’s sister product, SocialCompass, offers reporting data that shows the conversion rates for special offer downloaders hit 52 percent during a recent four-week period for Papa Johns in Houston, TX. And since then, Papa John's has seen a 35 percent conversion rate for coupon downloaders. These profitable statistics were accomplished without purchasing a single Promoted Tweet.


Twitter is an excellent resource to use when searching for new customers for your restaurant. If you’re interested in using intent marketing to begin turning conversations into customers for your restaurant, sign up for a free account with SocialCentiv. SocialCentiv allows small to medium-sized businesses to “listen” to real-time social media conversations, initiate a conversation, and share special offers. The automated platform then incentivizes customers to share that offer with others with social media and by email.

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.