What's New with SocialCentiv?

What 's New with SocialCentiv?Here at SocialCentiv, we always seek to help you grow your business on Twitter. We understand that social media marketing is an always-changing industry, which means that our software and team will have to remain innovative in order to keep up with the changes. Today, we’re excited to say we’ve done just that, and our team has put together some great changes to make social listening and Twitter marketing easier while saving you time.

Check out all the new SocialCentiv features below, then give them a try yourself! You can also start a new account FREE for a week to learn how to find new customers on Twitter for your business.

New Features:

  • Utilities Section
  • Revamped Campaign Builder
    • Custom Backgrounds
    • Inline Editing
    • New Location Options
    • Images with Tweets
    • Manage Keywords Section

Utilities Section

Simplicity is key when it comes to working on any software. Because of this, we’ve added a clean, easy-to-navigate drop-down section in the upper right-hand corner of the software. Just click on your business logo and name any time you want to visit your account settings or to logout.


Revamped Campaign Builder

SocialCentiv is all about getting your business’ campaign to potential customers on Twitter, so it only makes sense that our team worked endlessly to add some awesome new features to this part of the software.

Custom Background

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with Twitter being limited to 140 characters, we know that every word counts. Our team wanted to make sure that SocialCentiv is customized for each and every business, and that your campaign can get its point across no matter what. You now have the option of uploading a custom background image for your landing page and follow-up email within SocialCentiv.


Inline Editing

Having trouble thinking of words to describe your offer? With the new Inline Editing feature, you can now simply customize the sample text we’ve provided to suit your special offer’s needs, rather than having to come up with your own text from the start. Also, the landing page and follow-up email look more like the real deal. Just hover and click on any element of the landing page and follow-up email that you want to change, and work your magic. (Don’t worry–we auto-save your changes when you click the blue checkmark.)


New Location Options

Having trouble determining what areas to target? Thanks to our latest update, you now have the option to add locations by zip codes rather than the city name by itself. This can come in handy for agencies or businesses who have multiple locations in areas they may not be very familiar with. While you may not know the specific city you’re trying to target, you now have the option of choosing your locations specifically by zip code.


Images within Tweets

Get visual and personalize your response tweets even more by adding up to four images in a tweet. Images are a great way to boost engagement on Twitter, as tweets with images have been known to receive 89% more favorites and 18% more clicks than those without.


Due to Twitter's settings, you are limited to four images per tweet you send out; however, our software allows you to upload an unlimited number of images within the new 'Images' gallery section of the software. You can switch out the four images you wish to work with at any time in this section.

Manage Keywords Section

As we mentioned earlier, we understand that simplicity is key when it comes to being able to use any software platform efficiently. The tweet section of our software is for just that--tweeting. Therefore, we've moved the area to add and delete keywords into its own tab on the 'campaign' section of the software.


Here you can add or delete both positive and negative keywords, as well as view each keyword's analytics.

We sincerely hope you enjoy all of these new features! Many of these were created as a direct result of your feedback, so we're eager to know what you think. Did we hit the nail on the head? Is there much left to be desired? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @SocialCentiv or send us an email at info@socialcentiv.com with ideas, comments, concerns, suggestions, or requests -- we rely on your feedback to continue to make SocialCentiv work in the best way it can for you!

Click HERE to check out our Google Hangout on YouTube covering these features more in-depth!